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  1. aight i gotta come on here to bitch about this cuz i aint told nobody yet. i was driving around today doin cool kid stuff you knoooooooo. so anyhow i left my place and drove around, got some food, swerved through traffic just generally minding my own busines. anyhow that was all good none of that got any attention cuz im a dangerous driver but i drive safe dangerous not stupid dangerous. anyhow i swung by my buddys apartments that have like, the highest fuckin murder rate in the city theyre horrible. so he wasnt there i start to leave and turn on my stereo not reallu really loud but pretty damn loud. anyhow i turn out into the street and take off. then i look back and its 5-0 i pull over and we do the whole bullshit song and dance and dude comes back with a HUNDRED AND SEVENTEEN DOLLAR TICKET. just for music. it was fucked up:mad:

    anyhow imma head to the courthouse tomorro and pay this just to show these bitches im ballin like that.

    tl;dr: i got a bigass ticket
  2. Pretty lame, Crooked Cops.
  3. i almost got a speeding ticket on the tollway earlier doing like 90 but i saw the fucker in time and slowed dowwwn.

    almost two years with no tickets :)
  4. dude that blows, best of luck in court
  5. bringing back old useless threads for no reason HIGH FIVE
  6. The way you type makes me laugh so hard man:laughing:

    kinda like chris tucker from friday:laughing::laughing::laughing:

    but yea that blows, at least you got cash to pay it though

    edit: T-bones threads deserved to be bumped for the lulz
  7. You had me goin sucker.
  8. 117 bucks isnt really that much as far as tickets go bro
  9. My bump was a great sucess you are welcome op people like your thread again
  10. dont pay it. theres no proof that u had your music too loud. if you do pay it and show them your "ballin" they will write you tickets everytime they see you.

    I used to do stupid shit like this and then after too many tickets my license got suspended and then i couldnt ball any more.
  11. Cops are terrible, not long ago I saw them looking in care windows trying to find something wrong. All the people are worried the cops might give them a ticket. it is a thrill ride for the cops but a nightmare for the people stressing about it.
  12. He probably already payed it. this thread is from months ago
  13. The fact that you admit to driving dangerously is alarming. Your humorous quip about "safe dangerous" is no real comfort, either. Maybe you should just turn down your music and pay attention when you are piloting a multi-ton steel juggernaut around the rest of us squishy folk, eh?

    Really, I don't mean to sound like a dick, but your disregard for public safety is alarming, it sounds like you needed more than a piddly little $117 ticket to teach you that you do not have the right to take the safety of others quite so flippantly.

    It's all fun and games until you kill or seriously injure someone.

    EDIT: Damnit, who necro'd this thread? That's what I get for not looking at post dates.
  14. that cop goes hard
  15. that was like 40 years ago bruh i put deuces on my car so now i got to drive carefuller

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