Big ass pot headache? any fixes?

Discussion in 'General' started by PunchingZebra, Mar 17, 2012.

  1. sup gc,

    im having lie the worst headache i was out last night and smoked like a fuck ton then when i wake up i got this hugeeee headache and it goes away then when i smoke again it comes all my 6 years of cannabis inhalation this has never happened..and no its not bobbie brown or reg its just some home grown danks..
  2. It probably wasn't cured properly.

    As for what can make it go away,I dunno.
  3. thats what im thinkig i mean im high as fucking shit but this ache is ruining it haha
  4. Yeah,one dealer I know,his weed is always good,but after an hour or two you get the worst headache ever.

    I stay away from his bud unless there's no other choice lol.

    Hot shower,sleep,some otc pills,being outside are the only things that ever help me with headaches.
  5. advil op....
  6. i did dude well not advil excedrin migraine but its wore off...
  7. a shower maybe then....
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    Also try an ice pack and hold it where it hurts for 5-10 min.

    EDIT: Drink plenty of water too,it could be due to dehydration.
  9. Lack of water?
  10. I get the same thing sometimes. Tylenol helps temporarily, but I can never make it stop forever.
  11. Masturbate, the serotonin released usually helps my headaches
  12. Or just makes it a hundred times worse, assuming one can even reach climax before your brain feels like it's entering critical meltdown...:eek:

    Like Since said, and plenty of water to go along with it.
  13. yeah i think i was dehydrated cause i was soo high and had cotton mouth soo bad i guess i downed like 4 waters and now its gone so im assuming that was the prob..

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