Big ass operation for two guys, need help

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  1. Hey guys!
    I really need some advice for this operation, i live in a country where both growing and smoking is illegal, so me and my friend have decided to put our operation underground, we're gonna use and excavator to dig our shell down ( not sure if we're gonna use a container or something else yet ) but we've figured almost everything out, we're just missing one thing.
    In this country, the weather gets cold, the room isn't going to be too hot because its anywhere from 18-25*C ( 70-77*F ) in the summer. But in the autumn and spring the weather can be really cold, and on the winter we have to shut down because its going to be FREEZING.
    So here is my question: How would you stabilize the room temperature? What would you use? An air condition? We're going to exhaust the air from the ground down and then exhaust it back up on the other side, but we need something to heat the air to a perfect temperature.
    Any tips are appriciated!
    Sorry for crappy English :)

  2. First a shipping container isn't built to withstand the pressure from being buried so you will have to structurally reinforce it...

    Second if you go deep enough the frost line stops and things no longer reach freezing temperatures (in my area we bury our waters lines a minimum of 5 feet deep for freeze protection)

    You will need some way to bring in fresh air I would suggest that using what we call "potato rock" it's just rocks about the size of a small potatoe and use that where ever you plan to pull in air as well as exhausting

    Then you have to worry about ground water if you get to deep you are going to run in to ground water So you may flood out your op

    Then there's the whole deal of rot be it the container rusting out or wood rotting away being under ground

    As well as a means to power the whole deal it's not like you can run an extention cord you will have to get real power to it

    Hope this in some way helps?
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    Yeah man, thanks alot! It was helpfull and actually fixed some things for us when you put it in that perspective, i was more aiming towards how we can get the air that comes in our vents to get to a decent temperature before releasing it inside the room, don't want the plants to have really cold air hitting them when it gets cold outside thoo.
    edit: We're thinking about burying an RV, or just a big wagon. Would solve alot if we just wrap it in plastic and just coat it with some extern material, and of course reinforce it somehow :)
  4. It's a lot more work but you could add in a small forced air furnace to keep the chill off

    But then you need to run gas and possibly some ducting to get the air where you want it
  5. Well if your running HID that's your heat source. I've never built a room underground but i image its basically the same. Bring in <60* air constantly while exhausting heat from your lights should give you the perfect temp.
    So you would need a speed controlled centri fan. Also it may be pertinent to have the fan turn off with the lights. Just depends on how cold it gets. You don't wanna be pumping in 38* air at night with no heatsource lol
  6. Well thanks for the input guys, i'll think about my option and update the thread
    But A.O. Are you sure when the temperatures here vary from 41F to 77F in the climate, and drops below zero in the winter (probly like -50F or something), are you sure the HID's can warm up air enough before hitting the plants? as i said i dont want 50F temperature air hitting my plants .. and what should i do in the night, i probly have to use an oven to keep the temperature i guess?
  7. you could use some kind of geothermal heating...sounds like a lot of work good luck
  8. Yeah was thinking about it, RV's have an inbuildt gas heating system, doesn't cosume alot of gas and its efficient, i think Geothermal heating will be to much work, and to much attention, remember its not legal at all in this country, same punishment as if we were putting up a freaking meth lab, it's insane i know. So we have to be kind of subtile tho
  9. You run you lighting in the colder parts of the day/night to help offset the cold during veg run from like 6 pm to noon leaving the afternoon hours your "night time" for plants and say like 8/9 pm to 8/9 am for flower

    If you run a perpetual grow in the same place you could vent your veg room lights in to your flower chamber to help offset the temp drop as well
  10. I know farmers that have containers underground, with about 2feet soil above it with crops. The air ventilation is hooked up with the ventilation from the chicken stable. If you use big equipment to dig your hole make a fence or something, people get all kind of crazy thoughts when they see you load a container in a hole.

    I wish you best of luck!

    Send from my phone! :)
  11. Heres a few snaps of my stealth room its its under ground and keeping temps steady aint a problem for me at the min but i do have cold air coming in as i have a lot of light so the cold air helps keeping temps wer i want them

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  12. If you have enough hid lights they get pretty hot they should do if not a heater should do the trick with the lights
  13. Wow nice grow cheese :) well i guess i have the answers i've been looking for, thanks alot guys, you've been very helpful.
    I'll be sure to post pics of the grow room when we've got it settled in :)
  14. Who's all the redbull for? You or the plants?
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    running HID lighting, I'd be more worried about venting the heat in warmer months than heating the air in cold. The lights put off a tremendous amount of heat that will need to be dealt with.  I gow in a 4x4 tent in colder months here and it is in my detatched, uninsulated, garage.  I run a 600W HID fixture exhaust and cirq fans but I still need to open it up some during times of cold, down to 0 degrees F to keep temps at 75-80 in the tent

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