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Big Ass Buds

Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by cowofsteel, May 5, 2003.

  1. Pictures too shit man i can hardly see n e ting i bet its webcam pics, looks like a nice phat bud from wot i see.
  2. yea its a $40 dig. cam... little better then most web cams... but anyway, u can sitll get the just of how big they are. like the orange round thing is a cd.
  3. damn those are nice, and huge!
  4. my eyes, too blury, they look good tho :)
  5. the pics are blurry so i cant tell, if u stuck a lighter in there i could atleast see the size, but l;ooks pretty nice, a little under an eighth if thats a coaster its on
  6. Damn those are big!

  7. its a CD and these buds weigh no more then 1/4 if its some dense fucking hydro
  8. Thats crazy blurry!!! heres a little taste of my stash!!!

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  9. how far taht bag is cannot fig if its a half pound or QP

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