big and small, feed them all??

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    i have 4 white widows that have been growing now for 5 weeks and they r over watered i think, but that is not my dellima (i can fix that.), i also have 5 other barely veging seedlings that have been in with the others now for about 1 week maybe 2 at the most, they r still very small compared to the first ones in, i have been feeding the originals too often i think, so i want to hold off until my rockwool goes almost dry. I have been keeping the solution weak hoping the others may get to a point where they can all be on the same amount of nutes. I am wondering if i can feed them all regular strength nutes without burning the little guys.i have a recommended feeding schedule with amounts list, for weekly feedings. My ph is dead on at the moment @ 6.0 Here is my set up::smoking:

    hydroponics, flood and drain
    77degrees, 45% hum.
    well vented
    small oscillating fan on as long as the lights r on.
    400 watt hps about 36" above
  2. My question would be : What do you consider 'regular strength'?

    Are you using an EC meter? If so, what is your pH and EC?
    What brand nutes are you using?

    The #1 question being most important, as regular strength might be too low, too high or right on for your particular strain/age.
  3. thank you klutter for the reply, my ph is dead on @6.0 . The brand i am using, bada bing, bada bloom, bada bang not necc. in that order. was just following the the recommendations from my local hydro store, they it is complete. No ec meter!
  4. i have a recommended feeding schedule with amounts list, for weekly feedings. Sorryi did not put this in the other reply!

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