Bieber done fucked up now

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  1. Justin bieber pulled over for street racing in a 30 mph speed limit. Lol

    Bieber "made some statements that he had consumed some alcohol, and that he had been smoking marijuana and consumed some prescription medication," Martinez said.

    What a badass
  2. Pretty much this..

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    Deport his ass...They said he "smoked pot." Bieber, you're not helping MJ out.
  4. Go ahead and ship Miley Cyrus off with him.
  5. Well I thought it was funny Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum mobile app
    I feel you but it's just sad at this point. Nothing new, I called it when he was younger. He isn't the first to act like this and he surely won't be the last.
  7. ahaha only a matter of time i said, about all of easily corrupted lol.
  8. ahhahaa the new Miley Cyrus! I bet they date that would be fuckin hilarious!
  9. Miley Cyrus isn't even old yet how the hell can be be the new one?
  10. [quote name="HBGBUB" post="19393129" timestamp="1390507103"]Miley Cyrus isn't even old yet how the hell can be be the new one?[/quote]I mean he's going to be a dumbass like Miley Cyrus. he's going down to her level
  11. His job is to distract people from real issues.
    He seems to be at least mildly successful.
  12. people have been fucking up forever. If anything he's the new Lindsay Lohan but there were plenty before her as well
  13. Lol looks like he weill be singing oh baby in the shower of a jail soon mauhahahahahahahaha😄😁🙊
  14. they need to put both bieber an miley on a bus an drive that bitch in to chemical plant with c4 .
  15. My opinion on this whole beiber thing

    Who cares? He finally broke out of that plastic mold that the corporations made for him.

    Let the dude live his life, let him die in a car crash or something.

  16. Any time someone complains to me about how Bieber acts, I say.. Good. I'm glad he did that. 
    He spit on his fans? That's hilarious and it makes me smile.  What? They're still his fans? That's even funnier. 
    So he drove really fast in an expensive car.. At least he had the decency to have the street blocked off first so as not to cause a collision. 
  17. Drive that bus to my house and I'll just fuck them both onto the straight and narrow. 
  18. Come on guys let's not hate on Mi Cy.... She's a wild chick but she isn't drag racing while drunk, vandelizing her neighbor's house, or spitting on her fans. Not to mention a lot of other stuff. Beiber is the one that is a shit person.
  19. too high to care bt read through every post

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