Biden Dem Front Runner?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Acewiza, Aug 9, 2019.

  1. I hope people are paying attention, because Mr. Joe Biden obviously needs further evaluation:

    Biden in Iowa: 'Poor kids' are 'just as talented as white kids'

    How can a Presidential front-runner conflate economic and racial inequality? Of course he corrected himself right away, but the slip is telling. How better to alienate the poor white trash that got Trump elected in the 1st place? Sheesh. Dems are in big trouble if they can't do any better than Joe Biden.
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  2. Have you followed Biden’s career before recently. Gaffs and unforced errors are kind of his thing. And I’m sure she is getting there.

    Right now I think the big focus on him is in who could replace him as a viable candidate on the moderate side of the party. Until that happens I’m thinking uncle joe won’t be hit too hard in the polls

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  3. I just hope I'm not forced to vote for Trump again. I will if I have to, goddamit!

    Maybe I'll just not vote - same difference.
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  4. He's the front runner because he's less insane than the rest of the field.
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  5. [​IMG]
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  6. If it comes down to Biden or trump ... We'll be just in another shit show of the so called politics one way or another.
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  7. Who in the field would force you to vote for trump?
  8. There will be at least 2 or 3 other candidates on the ballot besides for trump or Biden.
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  11. It's too early to tell, but Biden is definitely a top contender for that dubious distinction. Ironic he is also considered the front-runner at this time. I find subtle irony like that rather interesting.
  12. I know that Biden is the top contender. My question was - Who in the democratic field, should they get the nomination, would force you to vote for trump again? Is there a particular candidate you dislike so much that you would vote for him?
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    Biden, for sure. - If I voted at all. That was the whole point of my post: Biden is now no longer categorically eligible for my consideration.
  14. Did you vote for Hillary in 16?
  15. Not the same difference, it is one better than voting.

    We cannot vote our way out of these disasters IMO. We need to start undermining these systems with functional systems from the grassroots level, allowing us to transition more smoothly.

    I just cannot imagine how this would be solved from the top down. Do people honestly believe they can vote the problems away? Government solutions are always more government, until you get full socialism where everyone is 'employed' by the inefficient and corrupt state?

    Do you people understand that this all starts with fear? Fear your neighbor with an AR-15, but don't fear the government that has atomic weapons, stealth drones, and knows more about you than you do via spying and data collection?

    People have been sold this fear.

    Fear X and give power to Y to quell this fear.

    Now so much power has been given to Y, you should fear Y, but you want to vote for Y because the left side of Y is more scary than the right side of Y.

    I so desperately want to avoid ever experiencing the "I told you so" moment, I hope some of you will really consider what I am saying and help turn things around in whatever small way you can.

    It all starts with the individual, your personal relationships and people you deal with. Spread kindness to everyone you can.

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  16. You're right about at least 1 thing there, Norse: Voting is useless, because one or the other side will always win, and it makes no substantive difference to the general population either way. Only the 1-percenters, sparring about what to do with 99% of the money, have any skin in the election game. It's about time people finally wake up to this societal fraud before it's too late.
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  17. IMO voting isn't simply about who wins, it is about who legitimized the government.

    I personally think it is illegitimate. It operates far outside of the constraints of the Constitution, so by that criteria alone it is illegitimate, muchless any moral objections of legitimacy.

    It was supposed to be just enough to protect personal liberties and facilitate peaceful resolutions.

    Now it tries to dictate nearly every aspect of life, craddle to grave.

    I too hope people wake up.

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  19. I don't see how Democrats could nominate Hillary-lite and have a repeat of 2016. That is a near guarantee. There are at present two Democrat candidates whom >10% of Trump voters said they would vote for. Neither of them are Biden. That would sway an election. We will see what happens.

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