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Bics vs. Cheap lighters

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Broseph Radson, May 13, 2011.

  1. Clippers! Sod Bics...I know americans prefer them, but over here they cost at least as much as a Clipper, and they're smaller and not refillable
  2. Ill pay the extra for bics, you get what you pay for in life, that applies to lighters too:smoke:
  3. Otherwise, those refillable ones from Poundland are pretty good for the money (get a pack of 5-10 for a quid and they usually go 2-3 refills at least before they fall apart...)
  4. It don't matter one bit cause I smoke with beeline. So lighters just meet my beeline halfway then tap out before the fight.
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    then you inhale that much more butane. :rolleyes:
    i have a torch lighter i bought from amsterdam, metal black one, with a silver pot leaf wrapped around the side of it, says Amsterdam on it in white, and the flame shoots out green (has a piece of copper in the top of it)...

    i only use it for lighting blunts n joints... otherwise it just burns my weed too fast n taints the flavor too much..

    suck harder if you wana corner the bowl better.

    on topic though... bics any day.. but if i could get a hold of clippers regularly.. id go with those. i love the roundness to it, perfect for packing your bowl down after a couple hits.
  6. same shiet
  7. shit bics are 1.89 here in wv, zippos are good too
  8. whatever will light my hemp wicks.
  9. I have and use both, whatever one is nearby to light my hempwick.
  10. you dont inhale butane, just the combusted stuff
  11. I like to use bics. Bics in my area are 2 dollars..
  12. Bics always, those cheap lighters only light probably 20 or 25 times max before they stop working.

  13. you do inhale butane with every type of lighter; however, the amount u inhale will have no effect on your health because its such a small amount
  14. I prefer crack lighters.
  15. Bics are the top level of cheap lighters. I use this wind resistant lighter from the dolla store... Cheaper and better.
  16. Bics last ten times longer.
  17. Djeep's are where its at. Bic quality, with an adjustable flame. it is a better shape imo too, holding anything but a djeep just feels weird now.

    edit: picture if u dont know what they are :
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    Got the same one. Love it!
  19. Bics for sure. They last so much longer than cheapo lighters and just work better.

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