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Bics vs. Cheap lighters

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Broseph Radson, May 13, 2011.

  1. Bics are more hefty, come in lots of cool designs, and feel more solid. Cheap lighters have adjustible flames, come in packs of upwards of 20 lighters, and are flat (to cover the bowl, if necessary). I prefer the cheap ones, what about you guys?
  2. Wait, Bics ARE cheap lighters, aren't they? The shit thats even cheaper is just too cheap for me. For my pack a day, eighth every two days, double smoking habbit, the really cheap ones just won't cut it.
  3. I smoke spliffs, so it really makes no difference to me. Hence I roll with a mini Clipper in a metal case.

    Style > lung health

  4. They are cheap compared to zippos and such, but normally at a sesh you see either bics or those cheap ones you get in the big packs.
  5. Bics are cheap lighters

  6. like the transparent solid color lighters? bics are like $.79 here, id just stick with a bic
  7. i always get bics. crack lighters suck
  8. He means Bic's versus crack lighters. Bics for me, unless I've got a Lightermate on me.
  9. haha around my way we call those real cheap see-through lighters crackhead lighters... guess why? haha


    bics 100%

  10. Yep those
  11. Bics are $1.75 around here... Fucking ridiculous I tell you.
  12. fuck bics AND those crack lighters


    i use a ronson torch lighter. that coupled with a can of lighter fluid, i haven't bought a lighter in like a year.

    and the torch lighter is amazing for corning bowls.
  13. i dont think it matters too much.. lol

  14. Nice!
  15. Torch lighters+bowls just never did it for me. Gotta use my bics. Djeeps are even better, but harder to find.
  16. I just use a zippo, it's like £2 for 125ml of lighter fluid.

  17. I dont like zippos because you can taste the lighter fluid more its nasty
  18. I like djeep lighters alot
  19. bics all the way. fuck those crack lighters theyre only good for making flame throwers with them :devious:

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