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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Bluntsmoker420, Feb 1, 2004.


wat lighter do you use

  1. Bic

    0 vote(s)
  2. Cheap Kind

    0 vote(s)
  3. Fire is Fire doesnt matter

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  1. how many use the bic lighters b/c it seems thats all me and my friends use to smoke wit none of us ever use the cheap kind and im wondering how many people use bics
  2. around here bic IS the cheapkind. but i ALWAYS use bics. white ones. always a white one. i'm crazy. i need to go get high. gunna go get drunk and watch the SUPER BOWL!!! woo!
  3. this poll has allready been takin and you didnt really give much choice like ^ said they are cheap sometimes which is good i think. but sometimes i buy a pack of five of scriptos or summin lke that. peace.
    miss danksta
  4. If we can afford a bic (usually around 75cents to 1.00$) we always go for one, but from time to time when we are really broke we scrape up 50cents for the cheep lighters.

    GREAT NAME boysetsfire :)
    aaaaaaaah, GREAT stuff..

    as far as this are you people really breaking the bank choosing between lighter brands??
  6. zippos r mine
  7. bic? talk britsh man!!! lol

    i use clipper more expensive but refilable and the flints are replacable and stuff
  8. if it lights it lights .."fires fire"

    thats all i care about, no real prefence i just wana get hiiiigh :)
  9. I love bics, zippos too tho. I have a zippo or two that are not in working order(something, flint, wick, i dunno needs to be replaced, i know nothing about zippos)....if anyone had a link to a good zippo guide I would be grateful. I'll probably google it in a minute tho..

  10. HOLY HOT DAMN! ahahahah damn good stuff :D

    ... wow, too many beer bongs (ps, why don't why we have a beer smilie????)

    question at hand: o yea, bic all the way, it used to be bic or cricket, but crickets have been replaced by the eletric bics now, since they are cheaper, and are more reliable
  11. I never really liked the electric bics...they smell gross//make you hand smell gross. Or is that just me cuz I play around with my lighters too much?
  12. i have a couple zippos (I could help with your problems) and if I'm getting a cheap little lighter it's always a bic. It may be 20 cents more but it's worth it.
  13. A lighter is a lighter; I'll use any lighter that's available. Normally me and buddies use Zippos and Bics.
  14. For solo smoking, I always have a bic handy because they're better lighters than the cheap kind; however, the cheap kind are good for smoking with friends who have a habit of accidentally stealing your lighter!

  15. thats why i'm all about my strike anywhere matches. just give them one and tell them they better make use of it.
  16. Those cheapy lighters have little lines on the flame, BIC is the power lighter of lighter because the flame is full and thick and mostly round! But yeah BIC all the FUCKING WAY!
  17. yeah, im a match man myself, but Bics are choice. And zippos..shit..zippos suck for weed kids...not only do they taste like butane, but its a pain in the ass to light a bowl with one.
  18. shit I don't let people steal my lighter. I keep an eye on it as it goes around and when we're done I ask for it back. Kinda got in the habit after losing a few.
  19. hey whoops, off topic, but the pic in your sic, how did you make it transparent, i mean, without a white background?
  20. A Bic---it just fits better in my hand.

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