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Bic lighters

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by StoneColdChilla, May 25, 2009.

  1. I just leave it.
    Mainly because i feel as if iam destroying the beauty of something.
    Also it makes it look kind of like a Ghetto Lighter.

    Much love,You. :)
  2. i always take it off, i even have this paperclip i shaped into a U and push it through twist the ends and pull works pretty fast and alot of times stops the little metal piece from launching across the room
  3. I never even thought to take it off, is it really that big of a deal? Just push down slightly.

    Bic is pissing me off, seems like they have been putting less fluid in the lighters lately. I used to go months of regular use (I smoke cigarettes too) without running out the fluid, usually getting the lighter stolen before the fluid ran out.

    In the past 6 months or so it seems like a month of use and it won't work.

    To be fair though, the one I have now is probably 2 months old and still working.

    It's also becoming very difficult to find a solid color Bic, half the time all I can find is stupid designs I don't want for an extra 50 cents.
  4. i mean i do but it doesnt really phase me if im using someones lighter who left it on

  5. for fifteeeeeen millles
  6. Let's not exaggerate. It was only ten miles.
  7. wow, I'm sorry but you are an infant if the safety hurts your thumb/bothers you to the point of taking it off :eek: :rolleyes:
  8. safety pin? someone point this out to me please?
  9. Its the little metal piece in between the two rough wheels you strike the lighter with.

    OSG thanks for keepin this alive for me your a true friend.
  10. Another reason to +rep you, although it always seems that I give you rep too often and it doesn't let me. :rolleyes:o
  11. Obviously.
    If you dont it gets hot and burns your fingers.

  12. :laughing:True trueee. lol.
  13. Yeah, I just use a pair of tweezers to pull the safety off and the sticker always comes off too.
  14. I Personally prefer DJEEP over bics guys simply because they last alot longer than any other bic ive used, and they can cover a bowl head pretty much air tight, their a lot cheaper and there not shitty quaility at all, you can actually adust the flame on em while bics sometimes have the tendancy to torch your bud:mad:
  15. I pop the safety off and i pop off the red thing that releases the butane; it's SOOO much nicer, try it!
  16. Just got a new lighter yesterday and i used tweezers to pry it off.
  17. no it doesnt... lol
  18. I always remove the metal protection.

    It's an exercise I always do with my Bic Lighters, it has become an habit.

    Oh and anyone who lives where there's winter, it's windy and minus 25, trust me your thumb will thank you for removing the protection.


    P.S. Going UPHILL or DOWNHILL - 10 or 15 MILES!
  19. Damn straight, one time I couldn't even light it until I took it off.
  20. I always take the safety off my lighters. I collect them in a ziplock bag as a reminder of how many lighters I've gone through and hopefully one day I can donate them so they can melt them into a wheelchair or something!

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