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Bic lighter on carry on?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by Magical Wizard, Jul 23, 2011.

  1. I'm about to go to the airport and I have my bic light in a pocket of some pants in my carry on. Does anyone have experience with bringing lighters on airplanes? Should I just toss it so I don't miss my flight? I think it has some resin on the bottom too :3.

  2. Hmm, better safe than sorry?
  3. They don't let you bring lighters on airplanes.
  4. There's a sign right before the security line where they search you here at RDU Airport. It tells you to throw your lighters into the trashcan before getting in line.
  5. they wont let it pass and will "recommend" you leave it behind.
  6. They don't even let you go through the first set of hallways or whatever its called, they usually have attendants standing at podiums that have big and perfunctory signs that say LEAVE ALL LIGHTERS AND MATCHES HERE

    so basically you just lost 2 bucks, oh well

    edit: fuck it if its in your bag just go for it and say "I fuckin forgot bitch fuck your stupid fucking airplane I'll walk mother fucker" and scalp that shit homie
  7. Not true, I boarded a plane in DC a couple years ago with a lighter I bought at a giftstore within the terminal. It is completely ok.
  8. That was a couple of years ago. And in DC they probably want someone to bomb the Capital building or something lol spark some new conflicts
  9. Bro i can not believe your are even contemplating giving up your freedom for a $1 lighter. Actually not even a dollar, a fucking 5 pack is $4. And the motherfucker has visible resin on it from an illegal stubstance. Get fucking real dude.
  10. btw how is the glassblowing working out?

  11. I believe this to be true. I boarded a plane in RDU and LAX with a lighter. I thought it was strange though because I couldn't board with my bottle of water.
  12. It's going well. I've been working on the shed and should have everything up and running by next week.
  13. TSA: Prohibited Items

    EDIT: It always amazes me that people ask questions that could be answered in seconds with a quick search.
  14. I'd ditch. The last few times taking a flight they said you couldn't bring lighters on the plane.
    Sure, I'm sure if you put it in your pocket you might get through. But is a dollar lighter worth the risk of getting stopped, questioned?

    Anywhere you go there will be plenty of lighters to buy

  15. I saw this I was just asking if anyone had firsthand experience
  16. The question is irrelevant. The list is the list. It doesn't vary from place to place.

    Typically they just have you throw it out.
  17. I've done it plenty of times, most the time I didn't even know I had one on me. I wouldn't bring bud though. One drug sniffing dog finds you and your a terrorist heading to Cuba.

  18. I update the thread with a new video of the shed/shop too.
  19. Well I got through no problem for anyone who was wondering the same as me.

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