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Bic child-safety strips

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Stevesbigfoot, May 3, 2011.

  1. Is there anything you can do with these? I kind of feel like it's a waste if i just throw it away.

    And if you don't know what I'm talking about it's the little strip in-between the gear-looking parts of a Bic lighter.
  2. Just toss it. Its worthless.
  3. scrape a little bowl ? mixing the weed in your bowl ? idk .
  4. collect enough of em to weld together and make a cockring
  5. you could use it to turn the weed over in the bowl that 1 side is burnt.
  6. I think i'll use it for that, it seems pretty perfect, thanks.
  7. I tried to find a use for them too, but the small size and really curved shape of it makes it too hard to use for anything really practical.
  8. I used a pair of pliers and crushed that metal strip into a ball, tossed it in my bowl and used it as a screen.
  9. Wait....what are we talking about? I'm lost
  10. The bands that you remove so it is easier to light.
  11. These things:


    I always just throw 'em away. I use bobby pins to scrape bowls and mix the weed...other things.

  12. this is pretty ingenious.
    i like it :)
  13. the shit people say on this website hahahahahaha
  14. Thanks,bro. Lol I still wasn't sure even with the written descriptions. So you take these out and it makes it easier to light? In what way? And also how do you take them out? I hate to sound like a noob but I usually use torch lighters etc. But this seems like need-to-know info for when I'm stuck using BICs! Thanks!
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    post 420.
    go smoke a bowl!

    i found that the easiest way is to grab a lanyard with a little loop at the end, one that you can open up at the end (see attachment) or really just anything that has one of those at the end. wiggle that under the strip and YANK! it comes out perfect.

    or just grab a knife or pen or some shit and dig it out.........

    Attached Files:

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    hey bro torch lighters arent to great for bud smokin cause they torch the bud hence torch lighter lol wanted to use hence usually a bic works best. the strip is taken off the bic cause it is actually a child safety referred to as the "safety" the lighter becomes much easier to flick

    but for op i like the screen idea mentioned above and maybe use it to turn the bud or empty the cashed bowl, or collect enough to fill a gal zip loc
  17. Haha- nice use of hence. And yeah I only use torch when I'm smoking joints, I use beeline when I'm smoking out of bowls or bongs etc.

    How do you remove the safety part is actually what I'm asking?
  18. Just get some scissors or anything else that's thin enough to fit in that little gap between the metal and the wheel and then pry it out. Pretty simple.
  19. Thanks bro.
  20. No problemo mi amigo.

    Point it away from your face though, because it's probably going to go flying the fuck off the lighter when you pry it off. I've almost been hit in the face a few different times haha.

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