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  1. Here's a site I was looking at earlier, now im not claiming anything here is fact because I dont know much about the bible....im just saying its interesting.

    The ancient artwork alone is enough to raise some questions.

    Judge for yourself...


    "These glyphs were carved into the ceiling beams of a 3000 year old temple located at Abydos, hundreds of miles south of the Giza Plateau.

    These glyphs depict flying machines that are very modern in appearance and obviously not products of primitive Egyptian technology."


    Take a look at some of these objects...what do you think?


    17th Century - Jesus on the cross, whats in the sky behind him?
  2. Good post. The 'glyphs above did the rounds about 5 years ago as proof ancient technology. This is about the most concise explanation:

    "...There's a very good explanation that we archaeologists understand very well: a palimpsest combined with pareidolia. This palimpsest pops up from time to time. What we see here isn't a single inscription but two or three. As different pharaohs took over, they frequently had inscriptions updated with a very simple method that 'erased' the previous inscription: they had their scribes fill in the old script with plaster and inscribe a new one.

    The original, un-retouched palimpsest is here:


    Here's an overlay of the two, and possibly three, different text layers. Each layer is translatable and has context.


    This is the text in it's context with the pharaoh's cartouche to the left.


    What the original text says is, "who repulses the Nine Bows" and the text that replaces it says, "who protects Egypt and overthrows the foreign countries." These are called titularies, or naming conventions of important people, in this case pharaohs. Specifically, the pharoahs in question are Seti I (for whom the first titulary of the palimpsest was dedicated to) and then his son and successor Ramesses II (for whom the second titulary of the palimpsest is dedicated).

    The plaster of the palimpsest was eroded, probably by water leaking in through the ceiling. Notice, in the OP's first image the damaged ceiling and the direction of the damage is consistent with the eroded area of the palimpsest...."

  3. What about the rest of the photos on the website?

    Some drawings and paintings that date back to around 6000 BC, even further, that depict flying objects in the sky, or beings wearing helmets decending from the sky?

    Doesnt it seem weird that even thousands and thousands of years ago they were drawing these figures, before man even had any concept of flying objects (or UFO's), or conspiracy? Many of them resemble modern versions of UFO's.

    Even cave drawings that depict tall figures wearing helmets, or flying objects in the sky....and we're talking long before the days of christ....these were cavemen.

  4. Dude, you're pointing in the wrong direction:) I'm a believer in UFO's, not a skeptic.

    I'm commenting on the picture above, not the whole site, so that other people who are also into UFO's will not be misled by things like this. Help, not criticism.

    Let's be honest. Taking cave paintings as being wholly representative of actual events, with every object in every 'scene' being connected is a leap. We don't know what many of the symbols mean, let alone whether they're UFO's or not. It's all assumptions. Some symbols could be added to the scene as a ritual stamp rather than being a part of the picture itself, and some pteroglyphs in some places (the sahara for one) are full of graffiti and cartoons drawn by herders as they tended their animals over the last 8,000 years. Some has meaning, some hasn't. I'm not saying that some of them aren't very, very interesting, but we can't make assumptions about any of it.

    If we're gong to be taken seriously the we have to self-police the kind of information we use to prove our case for UFO's to non-beleivers. lf it's shoddy and not researched then we look daft. There's a mountain of supposed 'real' UFO cases that have been debunked a million times, but that are still used by some in books and movies to make them sell and to create non-existent conspiracies to write even more books about, and it doesn't do us any good.

    I was involved in investigating UFO reports for a few years and, as you know, although some people are truthful, others can be less than accurate and honest, because one good sighting nowadays and a decent story to tell can mean publicity and money, and people know that. We can't be seen to be blindly accepting everything as true, just in case it might be. I want UFO'ers to be seen as logical people who DO check their evidence. Do you understand where I'm coming from?

    BTW, avoid Timothy Good books like the plague.

  5. See, this is the kind of stuff from the site (below) that's not only ludicrous, but damaging to anyone who is trying to prove UFO's. It's silly, old-fashioned, and more of the Zeitgeist-style nonsense that's being promoted everywhere at present. You know me, I don't care about defending christianity, far from it, but this is all a part of the same plan to demonise the church and create dissent, it's a game. How objective can information be on a site created to sell a book called 'The Bible UFO Connection'? Everything he says on the site is meant to prove his case, masses of it is either wrong or half-truths, just like Zietgeist.

    Believe in UFO's by all means, but why is it necessary to also include non-existent links to the church and government? Look at all the new sites that are springing up spouting this same stuff, usually based on 100 year old Theosophy and daft theories that are being repackaged to sell to a modern audience. We are being toyed with. Take any and all of this with a pinch of salt, otherwise we UFO'ers will sink with the ship of 'astrotheology'. Every one of us needs to show that we're independent thinkers, who aren't ready to believe everything we see on web-sites like this.

    I'm not pointing this at you, or anyone in particular, but we (UFO'ers everywhere) need to start checking evidence before accepting it.

    QUOTE: The Church Is Hiding It
    The beings of the Bible, called God, possess and use an advanced technology that allows them to fly in vehicles, described by the biblical witnesses as strikingly similar to UFOs. This technology extends far beyond flight. The church has chosen to ignore the biblical evidence that supports this, in spite of hundreds of biblical verses proving it. This practice of ignoring biblical text extends beyond the technical aspects of God into areas of specific biblical commands and core concepts. Not only the obvious exclusion of this reality, but also the characterization of demonic association by the more zealous, gives rise to the evidence of a conspiracy of ignorance either in place, or in the making.
  6. The beings are humans man, from far in the future. Goin back in time to help our ancient homies out. Dig?

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