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  1. so i just talked to a christian person asking about where and how adam and eve being first realtes and exists with the belief of dinosaurs and cave people being here also

    and basically what i concluded from their answer was most christians dont believe in dinosaurs and stuff or at least that those are two different mindsets and beliefs...

    so im wondering how many christians actually dont believe in dinosaurs...?

    how could they like what's their real theory behind not believing it ... besides saying " there's no proof" ... cause there is... (?)

    and for the christians that do believe what is their answer then to the idea of the order of existance and how they existed etc (?)

    you dont need to be christian to answers im just wondering

    and especially with adam and eve being first but then what about cave people existing with dinosasurs...
  2. I am not a member of any particular religion, though I practice a decent bit of buddhism, but my family is all Catholic and I was raised Catholic until I was about 16, though I never took it seriously at all, I went to a catholic school, almost everyone I knew for 17 years was Catholic or their families were Catholic.

    Every single person I knew believed in dinosaurs...I know at least in Catholocism they don't discount anything about science or evolution, in catholic elementary and high school they even taught us all about the big bang theory, we would discuss how science and religion could work together and whatnot. they tend to treat the bible more figuratively a lot of other sects of christianity, they would always constantly remind us that many stories in the bible are only stories meant to represent a bigger picture...

    Now I don't believe anything that christianity teaches, and there is a TON of stuff wrong with the catholic church, and christianity as a whole in my opinion, but I will say that there are a lot of more open minded christians out there than a lot of people think. The ones that give christianity a bad rap tend to be southern baptists and whatnot (at least down south they are notorious for being ignorant and self righteous, no offense if anyone on here is baptist)
  3. The Shepherds Chapel say the bible talks about a dinosaur here

    Job 40:
    15 “Look now at the behemoth, which I made along with you;
    He eats grass like an ox. 16 See now, his strength is in his hips,
    And his power is in his stomach muscles.
    17 He moves his tail like a cedar;
    The sinews of his thighs are tightly knit.
    18 His bones are like beams of bronze,
    His ribs like bars of iron.

    Read the whole short chapter if you want to see the context.
    Job 40 - Passage Lookup - New King James Version -

    Some Christians believe there are three world ages. The first age was when heaven was on earth, and there were dinosaurs co-existing with the angels. Then Satan rebelled, which caused the second age, which we are here in now. The third age starts when Jesus returns, Satan and the World government are destroyed in the lake of fire, everyone is judged, all of those who are deemed unworthy are sent to the lake of fire, to be destroyed, not to suffer forever. And Heaven returns to earth, where the Throne of God is in Jerusalem.
  4. what dinosaur is it describing :confused:
  5. The explanations I've heard are: 1. The 7 days of creation were not on our time scale. 2. Dinosaur bones were placed to test the faithful.
  6. Good question, I think it was the Argentinosaurus.
  7. Well, if it exists there must be an explanation for it, but I doubt God would want to test our faith in that way. I'll stick with the first earth age, when dinosaurs roamed the earth, before the time of this age.
  8. actually,now that i think about it,it sounds more like a Stegosaurus.[​IMG]
  9. Who cares about the Dinosaurs. We didn't even evolve from them.


    Say hello to Greatx1000 Grandma boys!
  10. Yea that could be it, Idk, it was the Shepherds Chapel's explanation.
  11. These are what I've come across also.

    The 7 days could be as long as millions of years each.
    I've heard that dinosaur bones are a test of faith.
    That dinosaurs lived with man until the flood, Dino's were not saved.
    etc etc.
  12. I'm very real
  13. the bible just doesnt add up. really, its funny that people put there faith in god. they should put faith in themselves. god will never help the middle east. bombs away

    ya, explain dinosaurs, christians.
  14. Believe it or not, despite Christianities utter idiocy sometimes, most denominations believe in dinosaurs. Whether or not they believe in evolution, it a totally different matter. Often times, these creationists will point to verses in the bible (Which is the word of God because the book says it's the word of God, which makes perfect sense :rolleyes:) mentioning behemoths, leviathans, and "dragons" and will say these are dinosaurs, when, in fact, they are not, they are mythological beasts. It's funny, because creationists take the word of the bible literally, yet they will read into these things and think they are dinosaurs, even when they aren't mentioned anywhere.

    Silly Christians.
  15. yeah thats pretty interesting... i figured most did especially assuming that in most of our lives we learn about them sometime... but i thought it was real weird that this person i knew would really not believe in dinosaurs cause hes a real smart guy

    test faithful in what way? if its what i think it doesnt really sound legit but i could understand where the theory would come from i guess

    yeah test faith how
  16. I don't know, maybe by having people deny even the most tangible scientific evidence in the name of god? It's extremely unlegit, but I've heard this arguement more than a few times.

    "Yeah, well if the Earth was made in 7 days, when were the dinosaurs on earth?"
    "Obviously god scattered 'dinosaur' bones as a way to test the faithful"
    "Oh, makes perfect sense"
  17. yeah i figured what it was but thats kinda sad

    people just need to start believing in things

    instead of believing there's anything wrong with believing in too much

    thinking about something as simple yet complex as of all the people that have ever been and will be you are is amazing enough ... dont see why its so hard for people to believe stuff these days

  18. we descend from rats? i knew it, we're all just parasites polluting this beautiful world.
  19. You guys may be too young, but there was a time when dinosaurs were fables.

    It's only recently that dinosaurs are being treated as real animals. Before, they were more like characters in fiction stories.

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