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Bi-polar Manic depression....and marijauna..thoughts?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Bi-Polar_smoker, Feb 2, 2002.

  1. hello all...I have severe manic depression aka bi-polar disorder..and mj is the only thing that balances me..I use for medicinal and recreation also...What I was wondering is..

    in some parts of california, medical mj Is legal..

    does anyone know if bi-polar (a chemical brain imbalance) is a reason to get perscribed mj for medicinal purposes??

    any thoughts on this? or does anyone else suffer from depression...?

    thanks everyone

    and have a great day
  2. If you're in California, go see your doctor/psychiatrist.
    If you get benefits through Kaiser, you're in luck because Kaiser gave their doctors the go-ahead to prescribe medicinal marijuana in "legalized" states if they feel the case is just.
    I know of a couple people on-line who get medicinal in California for severe depression, and it can't hurt to ask! Marijuana does have benefits that help ease depression, and if you are Bipolar that suggests you have been diagnosed and have probably been going to a psychologist/psychiatrist or family pediatrician about the issue, and have a somewhat extensive background.
    This background is what responsible doctors look for when deciding whether to prescribe medicinal or not. There are doctors that will prescribe you even if you have no background papers, but they are shady and you have to pay them $200-300, and one guy just had to hand his papers all over to the feds because he was handing prescriptions out to anyone who said "my back hurts, ouch" and such. So keep that in mind when you go searchin for doctors - you don't want your name in the Feds' hands man! :)

    So I would say go be up front with your doctor, there is the patient/doctor confidentiality thing, and he will most likely if in California have read up quite a bit on the benefits/disadvantages of medicinal marijuana, and may feel it will benefit you.
    Good luck!
  3. do you know of any doctors name in the cali area..I also live in cali...San diego

    I need kaiser tho..

    but I will contact the dr.'s if you know of any names...

  4. sorry my friend, i only know a handful here up north...
    wish i could help!!

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