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BHO vs QWISO hash

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by LoveIsTruth, Feb 12, 2009.

  1. Is either one worse for you than the other? I suspect that with the QWISO all of the alcohol evaporates leaving nothing but THC. However I don't really know much about butane. I'd like to try making something like this. I like how easy it is to make QWISO using Hashmouf's guide, the BHO seems slightly more involved but the end result is so cool looking. I can see how easy it would be to top a bowl with QWISO or to sprinkle it into something rolled, but how does one use BHO?
  2. I've never had BHO, but I love QWISO. easy as hell to make. Altho I personally wouldn't use bud for it, unless I had a large amount for cheap. I suppose for people that can get really really cheap schwag it would be worth it.
  3. I think it's mainly a matter of how much time you are willing to put in. I believe BHO is much more potent, but I have no real basis to support that.
  4. Bump. Is one in fact more potent than the other? I do realize that the quality of MJ used definately effects the final product but let's say that you use the exact same bud and made both QWISO and BHO. And how do you use BHO? Do you smoke it in a bowl or put it in or on a blunt? What gives? :D
  5. If you do the bho make sure you get a Refined Butane stuff I use is Quadruple-Refined Lucienne butane. But the more Refined the cleaner it is.
  6. i believe BHO is slightly more potent however i think QWISO extracts more from the bud.
  7. I'm gonna bump this one more time since none of my questions have been answered, after this I give up.

    Is either one worse for your health than the other?

    Is one more potent than the other?

    How does one consume BHO?
  8. Now dont get mad if im wrong but i believe you can smear some oil on a joint or blunt or dab some with a pin and smear it on some bud.
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    Now dont get mad if im wrong but i believe you can smear some oil on a joint or blunt or get some with a pin and dab it on some bud.
  10. i put qwiso and bho jus straight onto the pape then skin up a j with it

    works a treat and tastes like warm air :D

    gonna make some when i get home tomoz :hello:
    need to find where the fuck to buy iso in switzerland tho
    and i cant speak german this shud be fun lol
  11. From my exp of making QWISO and having buddies provide BHO... I'd have to say that QWISO packs more punch, but BHO is easier to deal with, and readily apply to a J, Blunt etc...

    I'd rather have QWISO b/c it's much cheaper and less dangerous than fooling around with extremely flammable, and highly pressurized gas being run through a home-made quality tube. Now if it was professionally made IE; metal tubing, brazed ends and properly fitting connections, sure BHO is much FASTER for making the end product... QWISO is a good 24-30hr waiting procedure.

    QWISO: It's cheaper, safer; nothing is left once you bake the evap'd precipitate, and kicks you in the face strong!

    BHO: Faster end results, easy clean up, oil is much easier to deal with and disguise; also kick in the face strong!

    Safety: QWISO hands down... I've seen people making BHO with PVC piping, lmfao... Who knows if it will suddenly explode in your face? What about the ADHESIVES used to bond the end-caps and connection fittings. Yes ADHESIVES are TOXIC! Who nows what type of quality construction was used to make the BHO? Vs QWISO = you cannot mess up QWISO unless you're completely illiterate and didn't read the many threads showing the same methods over and over (like mine, lol).

    Also there's plenty of "rumors" about butane impurities and even the purest butane still leaves unknown residues behind after it evaps, this is fact. There's no scientific studies that I know of that prove that BHO is more pure (safer) Vs ISO... ISO simply evaporates, then you BAKE the oily residue, thus NOTHING is left behind cept organics. BHO... you're taking your chances esp LONG TERM effects are unknown...

    QWISO > BHO.
  12. you were asking about the process in which we can get bho into your lungs, heres a little video showing the entire deal and i'd say the purest, least harming method; heating the ti nail up, covering the ti with the oil dome, heating the oil up, then letting it boil on the ti nail. Enjoy:smoke:

    [ame=]YouTube - Zob - Og goop (butane hash oil)[/ame]

    its more desireable to use a smaller piece tho, like a wubbler or somthin that has alloot of diffusion maybe a waffle perc or stemline, either way i like less drag and alot of diffusion so you can really taste the oils.

    there ARE probabbly long term effects to smoking bho. ive almost been smoking exclusively bho for the past week and feel the difference already. more spacey, excessive lightheadedness in the morning that lasts longer than it should, overall its a good change up every now and again, but honestly it really messes up my already sky-high tolerance

    its a little late to bump it but hopefully i helped someone who stumbles into this post. happy tokin :hippie:
  13. BHO is definitely more pure than QWISO. It looks a lot better than QWISO. I can't tell about the difference in potency though. For some reason, I can't really taste BHO that's the thing.

    I am not sure if it is chlorophyll that makes the difference, what people wish to filter off in order to look better may end up taste much better having it in the oil. Maybe it is just me. And you yield a lot more using qwiso.

    If someone can give me a quick guide on how to post pics, please let me know so I can post what I made.
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    @spikesnapper Yeah, it messes up with my tolerance level these days. I suspect that if I do this daily for another month, I may end up having to smoke just oil instead of herb.

    People are scare or too cheap to "waste" the product they purchase. Even if it is 1:10 ratio, that few grams you got can last you much much longer than a month. 1 fraction of a drop is like smoking 2 joints already.
  15. Personally I like using 1 drop at a time to my pipe. I use a little bit of herb just to hold the oil. Many rub it on rolling paper and smoke it. I wouldn't do it myself because the oil is burning every second and you are wasting it while you are holding the joint. Stuff you get off the street are pretty much diluted with beewax or something. What you make at home is 100 times more potent than the stuff out there.

  16. The answer to this lies in the molecules of your solvents. Since thc and other canabanoids are polar, they are attracted to polar molecules more than non-polar molecules (dipole dipole forces). Since butane is a more polar molecule than isopropyl alcohol, butane will adhere better to the thc, leaving you with a more potent hash!
  17. Bho is dangerous to consume, on a long term basis. I would stick with ISO. There's ice wax that is made from ice water and melts completely you should look into that
  18. Just to fix the record, there is no evidence that long term bho usage is dangerous. The solvent evaporates, plain an simple.
  19. There hasn't been a long term study on that subject so its impartial for you to say so. Butane leaves trace amounts behind and some does not evap out all the way. Please cite where you got that from.
  20. I'm not going to get into the same argument that's been on this forum before. But it is fact that butane, much like every solvent, evaporates out. It may need a vacuum to get fully purged, but after its perfectly safe. We use butane for food grade extracts.

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