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Bho Vacuum Purge System?

Discussion in 'Concentrate Tools' started by DabsOnTopDabs, Feb 21, 2013.

  1. After successfully blasting my bho into a pyrex i then do multiple hot water baths followed by several hours on a hot pad. Through all of this i still cannot seem to achieve a waxy budder that i desire. What i make always seems to revert back to a shatter until i add a bit of heat.

    I want to invest in a hand pump - Vacuum Purge system so i can achieve this wax. Somebody told me to use a break bleeder kit (and a mason jar?) to work as a vacuum pump but i still dont understand how that would work as one. i have seen complete Vacuum Purge kits with big ol chambers for $150+ but im looking to spend no more than $70 on a small vacuum purge kite to purge 1g-3g of bho at a time. If somone could tell me where i could buy a good vacuum purge or a machine i can use as a vacuum purge including every component necessary to extract the extra butane out of my bho that'd be awsome.

    -Any advice from experienced medicinal budder/wax makers will be greatly appreciated. All of this is for medicinal purposes only ofcourse.

    info: A vacuum purge is a machine that i believe lowers pressure causing the bho to inflate with oxygen and force the trapped butane to escape from the material.
  2. You wont be able to get a vac & chamber for 70$. Brake bleeders are not meant to hold the vacuum and i question how accurate the pressure gauge is. Mason jars can implode as they arent meant to handle a vacuum either. That being said quite a few people use them, and they are better than just heat purging. But just know that they arent as functional as a real vac and chamber.
    And fyi you do not need a vac to get wax/budder. Wax & budder are just the airated and dehydrated form of shatter/oil. People like to think they have a Ph.D in bio-chemistry, and will tell you that wax is a inferior form of shatter/oil and that it contains excess solvent and moisture creating the mythical 'wax matrix' of cannabinoids and bonded solvent/moisture. Which is definitely false.
  3. hey bro r u asking to make budder? most ppl love the shatter look but to make budder or wax as u wanna call it jus heat it another 10 20 degrees n itl do the trick or jus whip it once u have it made into shatter. a proper vac pump u need is a 2 stage one that can atleast pull 26.99psi where butane evaps. also u will need a vac chamber for a good proper one they lik 60-100+ on ebay or medical stores.
  4. Yes i know whipping it when heated does temporarily give it back it's opacity and make it turn a golden color but im wondering about the yellowy-beige budder than is always in a chunky sticky pliable form wheras whipping shatter when heated only temporarily makes it budder up, which if left alone will shatter up and turn back to oil when reheated. Does it budder/wax up after just letting it sit and dry out or only after the vac purge?
  5. HIGHTIMES.COM | To Dab Or Not To Dab?

    The Purge

    After the extraction, your concentrate must be purged of whatever solvent remains in it. In an open system, this can be tricky – and dangerous.

    “I make sure to blast into a pan that’s already floating in fairly hot water, where you put your finger in and have to pull it out after a second,” says de Sailles. “You’ll see the butane bubble away and evaporate, and what’s left over are big, thick bubbles, which you then have to pop. It’ll usually take about two or three water changes until there’s not enough butane left in it to do anything and you can actually take it inside.”

    “How fast you get that butane out of your concentrate matters a lot,” he adds. “One of the problems with closed systems is that it takes up to an hour to recover the butane – so that whole time, your extract is soaking in solvent. If you leave extracts soaking too long, it can cause the cell membranes to rupture. So I try to get it out as quick as possible.”

    In a closed system, the extractor machine will “vacuum-purge” the solvent from the concentrate. In theory, this method is safer and more reliable, but in reality, that’s not always so.

    “A lot of people playing around with vacuum-purging don’t know what they’re getting into,” says Selecta Nikka T. “People are getting vacuums and pumps and chambers that aren’t completely sealing, or they’re not getting strong enough of a vacuum. I’ve even seen some material still crackle after just having water stuck in it from the vacuum chamber.”

    “If it makes a crackling sound when you heat it, you know for sure it’s dirty,” de Sailles cautions. “The heat is burning the solvent, so it makes a sizzling sound like water in a hot skillet. If it’s sizzling, then there’s a problem with the technique of the person who’s making it. If they couldn’t keep the water out of it, I wouldn’t trust their extraction skills.”
  6. Using a mason jar as a vacuum chamber is EXTREMELY DANGEROUS. No Bueno.

    If you want to do it the right way start reading a lot more..like a lot.

    Get a 2 stage hf pump and bleart..but just read man, you really wanna be inhaling butane? Not worth it haha..
  7. Is the butane that remains in bho after about 3 days of repeated heat application even worth stressing about? I feel that after bubbles stop forming in it there is nearly no butane in it whatsoever. However, i do feel that that actual process of blasting the butane is very hazardous but i have a question: Will the use of a thick T-shirt tied around my nose/mouth prevent any of the butane gas that i am spraying through my tube or how else can i avoid inhaling butane since i do smell and taste heavy butane while spraying?
  8. will this pump work for a 3g vaccum chamber?

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

  9. or this one?
    2-Stage High Performance RotaryVane Deep Vacuum Pump 2CFM Check Valve HVAC Tool :confused:
  10. I have an fjc rotary vac pump and its cfm is 1.5 it only goes to 26 psi and my concentrate isnt turning into wax fully! Why is that? i paid 100 dollars for the pump and 80 for desicator it should take all the butane out can anyone tell me why it isnt taking all the butane out? am i doing somethin wrong?
    please someone get back to me asap

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  11. Why do you want that anyway? shatter is where its at, clarity homie!
    CFM isnt whats important with vac pumps. You need to find out how many microns it can pull to. you want something in the 15-25 micron range. Theres a lot of learning you have to do man, you cant be a master instantly.
    What kind of desiccator do you have?
  12. can you help get get a setup for the vacum and somewhere where to read about it... i can do 600 top
  13. extractionexperts.com have kits that work well, if you want a plug and play set up. I bought a bell jar lid for vacuum and a vacuum plate from a scientific supply store.(told them I was making silicone molds for jewelry) Got the two stage pump from a friend. Extractor tube included I am 120 dollars into my setup, and it pulls to -29hg. If you must do a brake bleeder invest in a C-clamp and put that on your line after you have achieved the desired vacuum. With extracts dont cut corners, its not worth it. The old saying goes "Takes money to make money" and "an ounce of prevention is a pound of cure". You should be able to get a tits set up for around 600.  :bongin:
  14. OP, if you are using butane that you can smell during the extraction, you are using the wrong butane. Butane is a scent free gas if you smell it then you're using butane with a bunch of additives in it, one of which is benzene which cannot be purged. It is also carcinogenic, and a poison that attacks the cns. You need to research this much more before stepping into the world of solvent-based extraction methods. If you're still alive that is, after smoking non-purged benzene wax.
  15. <sup>I know its not a 2 stage and it doesn't say the cfm,  but it says the horsepower,  similar horsepower pumps are usually +7cfm, can someone competent please give me some info</sup>
  16. as for microns...  its not a 2 stage but im sure that pump has a shitload of torque,  I bet its pulling over 30 microns...  its a 600$ pump I can buy it slightly used for 150
  17. you don't need a 2 stage. a single stage 2hp is plenty.
  18. Thank you! Been hunting for the micron rating. Good pumps are rare these ways but I recently saw one pop up with a 15 micron rating,at a reasonable price. It's only 1.5 CFM but this is only an issue if I use a giant vac chamber.

    I'm going to have to make my own vac chamber though. Glass vac desiccators of the right size are also super pricey here.

    Can anyone give me some advice on making a vac chamber? I'm trying to find a guide. I've seen a couple of DIY ones made out of modified metal pans but not many details on the actual construction of them. I hope to see an instructable soon...haha.
    I find it is the opposite! I initially could not get my wax to turn into shatter but realised its because i was being far too gentle with the heat. If you want wax use minimal heat.
    I prefer shatter, but thats because I have had waxes with butane dissolved before and been put off. It's a steep learning curve! I would very much love some reassuringly vacuum purged wax but not around here unless I make it myself.

    I finally got hold of a blasting tube before christmas (after doing far too many jar teks) after a long day of running everyone elses stuff I finally went to do mine and the tube cracked and shattered. So sad!
  19. It's difficult to get a scaled down 1-3g system because a very small pump will struggle to get up to the ultimate vacuum you need. But I do keep telling myself any vaccing is better than none...

    Mason jars seem dangerous, but there is always a chance it will be ok. I don't want to imagine picking bits of broken glass out of my lovely honey though. You may get lucky and find a second hand setup, seem to be a good number of people upgrading to vacuum ovens so you may be able to grab a bargain. But 150$-300$ would still be a fairly good deal for the right first setup.

    Brake bleeders suck ass and the gauges aren't reliable. The pumps linked above are good but 5 cfm may be a bit overkill if you only have a small chamber.

    Good luck!
    Happy dabbies!

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