Bho Vac Purging Questions?

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  1. Hey guys, i looked around the forums and really couldn't find any answered to the questions I'm looking for. 

    So first off I'm trying to make shatter, clear and rock hard shatter. I know i need to purge with temps under 110 to achieve this. 

    MY questions are this :

    1) How do you guys keep your temps stable? I'm currently using an electric skillet with a pyrex dish flipped over to transfer the heat to my vac chamber , Although i cannot get the temps to stay perfectly stable. It is always fluctuating 10 degrees or so. How would i get my temps to hold stable? I've heard of people using the NUwave induction cooktop because it holds a stable temp but I'm not to sure how well it will work.

    2) When purging with full vac, do you guys leave your pump running or do you shut it off as soon as it reaches full vac? Ive heard from people you need to keep it running and then I've read also that pumps aren't supposed to run for extended periods of time therefore should be turned off when it reaches full vacuum.

    If you guys could help me out that would be greatly appreciated, ill attach what i finished making yesterday, little cloudy still and not as hard as i wanted it, maybe the temps got a bit too high and/or didn't purge long enough but it looked to have no reaction and i purged for 12 hrs.

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  2. 1) i use a cheap electric skillet from canadian tire, its filled with water, and i put my vac chamber right into that - temps just say somewhat stable - at least enough that it only fluctuates a few degress.  Also i've recently seen a somewhat new dessicater from that apparently heats well -
    2) i had asked this exact question many times and every expert says that they will leave it on while they're babysitting it at first, and then cut off the vacuum and turn the pump off.  After several hours personally i start losing a bit of vacuum so i can't do it for that long.
    ive made bho about 10 trillion times now, and i'm still trying to find all the answers as well.
    I will tell you one thing i learned tho - making bho is far from an EXACT science as there are so many unknown variables like how different strains will behave etc.  So just keep at it and be patient.
  3. yeah i am using an electric skillet from candian tire, lol but my temps are always changing by about 10 degrees. im going to try and put some sand down in the skillet and my chamber on top so the sand acts kind of like a buffer for the heat since water didnt work for me either.

    thanks for the help and ill keep on trying, (ive made bho probably close to 500 times now but only my second time with a vac chamber.) so working with the vac is a learning process for me.
  4. i heard about leaving it on and off too. whats the point of keeping it on if u can leave it off at 29.8 hg? 
  5. leaving the pump on is all up to you.  Most manufacturers actually recommend letting them run as that is what they are designed for.  If you can hold a stable vac then just run it every few hours for a bit to pull any nasties out of the chamber.  The butane won't go back into the product I just don't like the thought of it all stewing around in there together.  So whatever works for you.
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    1. Buy a pizza stone to put on top of your hot plate.

    2. Keep it off once it hits where you want it.

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  7. nuwave works perfect. Cast Iorn skillet will be needed to transfer heat. Works like a charm.
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    wow really? My nuwave was a piece of shit.  The lowest temp setting was 100F and when i turned it on it got up to 200F before it settled down and tried to cool to 100.  It burnt the sticker that had been on my pot for months of bho runs.  Was using a SS pot on it.
  9. 100 degrees is perfect for me. You got to let the tempetures set in because they rise quite high before it settles and become consistant. Just set it for 100 degrees but wait until it cools back down to apply your wax.
  10. Not sure if i'll buy another one, but i duno.

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