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Bho turning out different

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Atlblazer, Mar 11, 2013.

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    Why are my bho runs turning out different consistency, and colors nearly everytime?

    Sometimes it's an dark amber liquid, sometimes its a tan/golden thicker consistency wax like.

    Could this be just the spreading, and scraping I do while its in the hot water baths, sometimes I give them 3 or 4 baths in a row, just scraping them the entire time, sometimes only a couple.

    Please help with this.

    Using the same N-butane each time, same container im running it in, clean it each time usually, using the same grinder to grind the bud. I just don't see why its happening.

    The above pictures are of about 4-5 grams, same butane, same pyrex dishes, same container i'm running it in. Yet, the one on the left is the dark amber liquid, and the one on the right is the tan/golden thicker stuff. Ran each the same day, same bud. I mean, I have ran bho maybe 10-15 times now, and out of that maybe half has been light golden thick stuff, and half has been oil.

    By the way, I am in no way complaining, it is hitting pretty well regardless, I just want the tanner, thicker bho consistently
  2. How much is BHO selling for over there?
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    Depending on how good it is, say the quality of my 2nd picture, usually 30 a gram, there's a lot of bad oil going around for 20-25 a gram, dark oil.

    If its shatter, honeycomb, ear wax you can get a premium, pullin in 35 or more per gram.

    I only usually get it from my dealer though, he is a former medical patient, and grower from Colorado who moved downed here for a job. He charges me 25 if I buy shatter from him. Other then that I usually make my own oil, I have got pretty good at purging it using the low heat/ water bath method, and looking at investing in a pump.
  4. Hot water baths? Why? Butane evaporates at room temp. and 1 atm. And it is darker because there isnt as many trichomes, I assume since you have removed many with the process already. I never got something that wasnt sticky and oil-like and I have run the process countless times. But now that I think about it it got sticker and more runny and oil-like as you run it more and more.

  5. I'm running separate batches of bud, not the same one over, and over. Today I probably ran 15-18 grams through it at different times, and got a Dark amber oil, a tan wax like consistency, and a amber/tan oil/wax like. All in 5-7 gram batches, since my tube only holds 7 grams. And, the hot water baths are to purge the remaining butane out, I also ran it for 5-10 minutes in the oven at 100 degrees. The highs from each one are usually around the same, and I have tried hot knifing, and my oil rig. The taste are a little bit different, but not much. The smell of the them are usally around the same.

    I'm running a mix of sour d, and no name purp so I don't know if that makes a difference. I'm just really trying to get some hints, as I am practicing right now.
  6. Thanks Atlblazer! What would you rather? Honeycomb, shatter, wax or oil?
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    Honeycomb all day, but thats really rare in this area. You get alot of shatter, and oil.

    What I make is mostly oil, and wax sadly. I have only got shatter a couple times, and never honeycomb stuff.
  8. It's basically just touching down over here. Wax and oil! No honeycomb yet but I will get it. Shatter is around a little bit too.
  9. I use a vac purge turns out great

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    woa.. don't listen to this guy, definitely don't just leave your oil at room temperature thinking the butane will just evaporate out.. :confused_2: You need to hot water bath it or some alternative low heat source.. wow.. Its darker because there isnt as many trichomes? theres ZERO trichomes in oil, thats why its oil... only way to have trichs in your oil is if u got holes in your filter.

    As for diff batches using the same material turning out diff, no worrys, happens to the best of us. Just clean up your tech, this is science broski, treat it as such. Things as little as temperature fluctuations can cause the differences, say one batch the water was hotter than another batch, even the water cooling and then being reheated or replaced with new hot water will cause variations. Thats why I use an electric griddle set to 130 degrees instead of an ever changing water temp. Try to eliminate all variables. Also, I noticed your oil is kinda green, you will get a lighter cleaner product if you don't grind your buds. Pack whole buds in your tube, if you must break them to get them in keep it to a minimum, the more you break and grind the buds the more cell walls are broken which causes more chlorophyll and other plant matter to get into your final product. Stop grinding and start packing whole buds, I guarantee your product will come out much nicer. If this doesn't help, your starting material has been improperly cured and is chuck full of chlorophyll and such. The better your starting material the better your oil will come out.

    also, honeycomb is in no way superior to shatter, the opposite in my opinion. Aim to make shatter every time, I look on anything else as failure. You will get the occasional auto-budder but not very often.
  11. Hot water baths or a heating pad are a must for purging bho. You just need to get a technique down so all of your batches are consistent.

    I think Hashsnob has most of it covered :D

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