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BHO to coconut oil tincture

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by sapphir, Aug 26, 2017.

  1. Hello everyone! I am totally new to trying to make anything THC/CBD. I am wanting to make a coconut oil tincture from shatter to help my sister with her pain from Ehler-Danlos. I can't seem to find an actual recipe for this particular process. I've gathered that I need to deoxycarbolate the shatter as well as add lecithin for the best bioavailability. I have no idea how much lecithin to add. Can someone point me to a recipe for BHO to coconut oil tincture with lecithin?
  2. This is very easy to do. (1) Decarb. 240 F for 40 min with an oven thermometer works well. (2) Add the decarbed shatter to warm oil. Some people add lecithin, but it doesn't help everyone. I don't use it, so I can't recommend how much. The exact amount doesn't matter much, so just use an average internet value.

    Next, you'll need to determine how much thc you want in a single dose, and how much oil volume will be in a dose. Following is a recipe that will yield 2 mg thc per milligram oil:

    Assuming the shatter is 70% thc (check with your source to find out), 1 g (1000 mg) will contain 700 mg thc. To produce oil with 2 mg/mL you'd need (700 mg thc)/(2 mg thc/mL Oil) = 350 mL oil. 1 teaspoon is 5 mL, so 1 tsp of this would be about 10 mg thc, the recommended Colorado dose.

    You can play around with these number to make the oil stronger or weaker. 10 mg might medicate a new user, 20 mg an occasional user, and 40+ for very experienced users.
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  3. Thanks so much! 240 for 40 minutes....I've also read approximately 240 but just until bubbles stop forming???
  4. decarboxylation has no set time because it depends on where the crystals were at to begin with. if the material you extracted from was new then ok but if it was old then it already started to decarb and you may ''over decarb'' and not get high, like i did with old weed once
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  5. Monkeymon has a valid point for old herb.

    For all else, bubble watching is less accurate than time / temp.

    Decarb is a chemical reaction (and not just for cannabis), with well known reaction rates that lead to predictable decarb times.

    By contrast, bubble watching requires human judgement about bubbling, and I don't trust mine.
  6. Ok! Good to know.

    I wanted 2 mg/ml, so your calculations are perfect! So.... 655/2 = 328 ml coconut oil. Correct?

  7. @sapphir
    Tincture usually means a high proof alcohol extraction.
    Coconut oil is a separate process and I use 1/6th lecithin by volume. It's not that critical to get the amount just right but leaving it out will give you a half strength oil.
    Soy or sunflower. Powder, Granules or liquid it all works just get one.
    Decarb any material you plan on consuming cold.. AKA no heat. Edible or tincture always need this step.
    240 F for 40 minutes uncovered cookie sheet in a prewarmed oven.
    The basic recipe is
    5 grams hash, (decarbed at 240 F for 40 minutes)
    2.5 teaspoons of coconut oil
    .5 teaspoon lecithin
    Heat 220 F for 20 minutes
    This is badkats basic recipe and I've used it for years now and it's spot on for maximum power.
    Test it by the single drop. Not kidding here you'll wind up in a very scary place if you don't treat this stuff with the respect it needs. It'll make you see G.O.D. and he'll be pissed you disturbed him.
    Empty gel caps can be found at many vitamin-health store.
    Make up a bunch of single drop caps and spend the first day finding your baseline. Take another single drop cap at the 2 hours mark. Continue until stoned. Now you know how many drops you can safely take.
    The small Stainless Dish is from PetCo and fits the Mr-Coffee mug heater like it was made for it.
    A full (0) sized cap holds about 25 drop of hot hash oil :)
    Don't be tempted to lick the tools and bowl like moms frosting as you won't come down for days.
    Hallucinating Hash Capsules for Hemp Heads
    Hash Master 5000 - Dry Ice Method, Hash Oil Capsules, Everclear Tincture
    Either thread has much the same info condensed.
  8. Weigh the cannabis material and measure the oil carefully so each successive batch is the same general strength.
    This way you don't have to wonder just how strong this batch of goods is.
    Years making and taking oil caps and this is the way I've done it.
    A to much edible stone is no fun and it can last 8 hours or more of sheer misery if you get the spins and dry heaves. :-(
  9. It's simple since you're using shatter. Here's something that may help at the bottom of this post. Decarb your shatter at 240°F until the bubbles stop. It's not a judgment call...bubbles are there then there are no bubbles and it's finished. It only takes a few minutes in a hot oil bath or about 30-40 minutes in an oven.

    Bkarnaze had it right when he told you figure how much you want a dose to be. You have a total of 655 mg in your gram of shatter of which only 173mg is THC and 407mg of CBD and the rest is the other cannabinoids. If you're going to use it as a tincture with lecithin then make your potency for 1ml. I personally would use 1g per 30ml of oil. Since you have 655mg in 30ml you'll then have 30 doses of 21mg/ml. You can make it weaker or stronger by adding or lessening the amount of oil you use.

    If you want to use capsules, calculate the dosage you want per capsule and find the volume it holds. For example, a "00" cap holds about 0.95ml and a "0" holds 0.62ml. Because the "00" is so close to a ml we'll just consider that as the volume and that would give you 30 caps(approx) of 21mg from 30ml. However, if using "0" and still wanting the same dosage you would multiply 30 caps by .62 with a result of 18.6. That's the amount of oil you would use for those 30 caps of 21mg. Be aware that your lecithin, if used, will add a little volume to that so adjust accordingly.

    If you're wanting a tincture to be dispensed by dropper or syringe then I suggest that you use MCT oil instead of coconut oil. It stays liquid at room temperature and will dispense a lot better. :)

    Another Tincture Thread - Try it, Youll like it
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  10. Ok, Sam! I'm getting closer to my second attempt! Trip home with the kids before school started, etc, etc! Looking for the place you recommended for terpenes? Are there specifics in what you use for pain and inflammation yourself?

    I'm thinking I can find a concentrate with high CBD, Low THC and add the terpenes as I wish. Correct?
  11. There are a few places online that sell terpenes either as strain specific with multiple terpenes or individual terpenes. I don't use them because I can't afford them but I know of several who do. They can also be used for solventless concentrate cartridges. Here's just one source but there are quite a few. Be sure to always check that they're food grade. You may be able to find them in a dispensary or smoke shop, too.

    Natural Terpene Isolates for Sale | Buy Terpenes Online Today

    Here's the individual terpenes found in cannabis and what they do. :)
  12. Then there is CBN. I would like to have that as well. You can buy that also. Of course, you can get concentrate with CBN, but is that enough? How much is enough? How much THC do you need to activate the CBD?

    Question is, how much to you figure out to add of these things?
    1g concentrate CBD/THC
    ? CBN
    ? Terpenes
  13. Guess what I'm giving. My 2 Cents.
    Description did say tincture.
    Don't overlook Propylene Glycol (PG) as your carrier. Its used in allot of sublingual medicines.
    Everclear burns, burns, burns. If not stored properly, evaporates, concentrating your precious math.

    1 fl oz PG
    1 gram decarbed BHO
    Use double boiler to heat PG
    Mix in BHO, let cool, put a full dropper under your tongue for one minute and wash down with some soda.
    No burn. still tastes a bit crappy though.
    Simply mix stronger if you desire, or use another dropper full.

    I now use The Flavor Apprentice in my tincture. so instead of 30 ml of PG, I use 27 ml, and 3 ml of the
    lemon2 from TFA. Tastes much better during the tongue hold. I let it cool before adding the flavor.

    everclear is for winterization in our house

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