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Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by foolet, Sep 4, 2013.

  1. I am about to make some bho for my first time and I would like to make sure I have all the steps / materials down.As for the honey extractor and butane what do you guys recommend for the safest / healthiest choice? I do not have any of the materials so I will be ordering them online. I have around 50 grams I am going to be using. I plan on 
    -Using  vector Butane
    -Not grinding it up more than it already is (decent amount of shake)
    -Extracting onto a pyrex dish (
    -Using unbleached coffee filters
    -Pouring boiling water into a bigger pot which the pyrex dish will sit on top of. 
    -Doing all this outside
    -Refilling bigger pot with hot water until it no longer bubbles while on top of hot water
    -Using a razor to mix up the wax
    Some questions:
    What is a good thing to put the wax in/on after scraping it off the pyrex dish?
    Is it safe to hot water purge inside? 

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    Parchment paper is good, don't use wax paper. I like to use oil slick pads for after I scrape it up. Also, why would you be mixing up the bho?


    You will hear different things about water bath inside and out. IMO best to purge outside until reaction is done then if you'd like, move it inside.
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  5. HBO is dope! U got a dome?
  6. Gpen, I'll get an attachment for my piece as well. It's pretty sick I believe you can find it in my previous posts (SSFG gridded stemline hybrid) 
    I figure I'll sell some of it to cover my costs/make some profit then keep a decent amount for myself. 
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     Is it okay to keep my hot water on top of a griddle to maintain that temperature when purging. Or is this unsafe due to it being electric and the butane evaporating on top of it? I would use an extension cord to bring my griddle outside.
  8. it should be ok just make sure that water is nowhere near boiling.
    you should make a video I want to watch.
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    I actually hope you DON"T fuck up.
    But I'm sure as most of us here can testify, theres just something about watching videos of people doing ANYTHING with weed. I bet you would instantly get a thousand youtube hits.
    And if you do fuck up... you should show us anyway.  ^_^  :p
    I would say you have at least a good start on a first time. 
  11. Thanks, thoughts on the extractor? I have around 42g to use. I figure I'll run it twice but I'm quite curious does the second run still get you like any wax?
  12. the mesh on that thing looks ok but I think it would probably let some foreign material in, maybe one filter below that.
    I don't personally think you need a second wash if you let your stream get clear, not to mention you will have to do your batch in two washes for the size. It won't be quite enough for the second one but you can just stuff some from the first one in. 
  13. Alright last question. After purging it on my griddle and it stops bubbling do I immediately begin moving it onto the parchment paper or do I stir it up a bit or do I turn up the temperature a bit? How can I be sure I hot water purged all the butane out that I can?
  14. if you have your temp low enough, you can essentially leave it there for as long as you want... but it will start to become dark and lose some flavor. Whipping is BS, you really need a vac purge to get extremely purged BHO but this method will still produce a product that is of sufficient quality to smoke, that is to say, you should still be able to get the PPM down below a safe level.
    It's really up to you from there, what your comfortable with, maybe dab some when you think its done, take a little aside, let it cool down and harden up, and try it, if your not satisfied, keep going. 
  15. is two 54 mesh stainless steel screens enough filtration for the end of my extractor?

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