BHO, the wrong way. Give me your thoughts.

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    This is how I do it.

    I run XX of bud, ground up in coffee grinder.
    Put in my tube. Wrap it in plastic wrap.
    Then I put in the deep freezer for a couple hours.

    Blast it into an 8x8 Pyrex dish.

    Hot/warm water bath. (Although in the past i have also just swirled it around some and blew on it to get it to evaporate. )

    Once the tane is gone, I put in my pre heated over @ 170(lowest setting)for about 20 minutes. Then I cut the oven off and let stay in there another 20 or more.

    I've read that 170 is too high. But my bho has always been flame...however I have only smoked my own bho. Never had any done by other people. So I don't have anything to base my opinion on.

    When I use bud only, I have been averaging 15-20% yeild. But only off the first pass. Second pass maybe yeilds %3-7%

    Any thoughts ?

    Before oven:

    After oven:
    Edit: I actually took a lighter to those bubbles. I was curious to see if there was any butane in them. Nothing caught on fire. I even held it to one spot to see if it would catch on fire and it still didn't. Not sure if this means anything or not. Just figured I'd add the info.

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  2. I used roughly 30 grams material. Most of it was high quality trim/popcorn bud. Maybe 10% was bud.
    I only put 1 can of Colbari through the tube.

    There is probably .5 bho still left on the Pyrex dish.

    It looks dark, but before I scrapped it together, it was not that dark. If I stretch it out any it becomes Amber/tan again.

  3. Gonna smoke some now and see how it compares to others I've done.

    The last batch I did was the best I've ever done. But I used only bud. Cured bud at that.
  4. Mmmm...well, it's potent. Taste is smooth. But I don't think I'm purging well enough. Maybe I'll try and pick up a small vacuum purge kit if I can find one cheap enough. Like well below 500$.
  5. Use a lighter or small torch and run it over the top of the oil while it's been in the oven. You can see more butane released at the top and the flame will pop the bubbles

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  6. Why would it show it in the oven but not after ?

    How about washing it in 99% ISO? I think I will try it tomorrow.
  7. After a certain amount of butane is purge the Thc starts to create a skin trapping the butane.

    Heating the oil in the oven will melt that skin, you still have to agitate the bubbles to the top. The flame run across the top will melt the top layer allowing bubbles to rise and pop

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  8. :sick: Just becuase you run a lighter and there's no flame doesn't mean there's no butane left over. There's no non professional or my way there's only the right way. Its your health though :smoke:
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  9. Tbh health isn't my concern. From what I can determine from Google, butane in the small amounts that would be in Unpurged or badly purged bho, is not gonna kill me or hurt me.

    I'm just trying to get s better tasting final product...having nothing to compare to is proving problematic I think ....

    Anyways, I'm trying the ISO bath. Seems to me that it should get out all the butane...
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  10. I will let it fully dissolve then I will use a double boiler to get the ISO to Evap.

    I suppose I could try and winterize, but eh...I just wanna see what difference this ISO bath will make in taste.
  11. Why not just get a vac oven or chamber? It will make a world of difference. Even rosin? ISO won't make it taste any better, but I guess that's preference. The quicker the soak the better it will be.

    I'd even suggest hash, it's healthy, double the yield, and will get you just as high. You can dab full melt !
  12. I kinda like the process of making bho. But I can't argue with the fact that I won't be able to do it to max potential without a vac oven. I found some on Amazon for around 200$ but I really don't want to spend any more money on this hobby right now.

    I will look and see what kind of screen kits I can get. I'd like to make hash that way. I also have a hair iron. I've seen videos of people doing rosin that way. What's your thoughts on that tek?
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  13. I like bubble bags when it comes to hash, if you don't plan on processing a bunch, a bucket and the bags will do. When it comes to rosin, I like using a shop press but a hair works great too. Even Walmart has a rosin press for 200.

    I'm all for has though. You can get some great stuff from the 90, 73, 45 and 20micron bags.

    IMG_1916.jpg IMG_1917.jpg
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  14. I'm going to order some bags today off of amazon.

    The ISO wash is done...

    Lol well, it's just as dark or darker. And it's got the consistency of corn syrup lol. I won't be able to smoke any for a few hours though....

    I dunno man....tbh maybe it doesn't even matter all that much. I don't sell. This is all for personal use. I haven't bought any bud in like 7 months. So I guess mission accomplish :gc_rocks:

    The other .4 is still on the Pyrex dish.
  15. Grinding the bud will cause more chlorophyll to be extracted

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