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BHO taste?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by pigpen03, May 6, 2011.

  1. So ive been doing my research on BHO and such, and now that im addicted to BHOs hits highs and potency, i still have yet to really TASTE my hit,

    the way i do it is a bit ghetto but its still a glass to hash hit and is a very big hit everytime, but when i exhale i dont really taste a damn thing.

    ive made like 10 runs now and all of them are sorta taste less.
    I think seasoned tokers should be able to help with my tasteless bho.

    ill also add how i do the hash, SS turkeybaster with vector 5x, i use trim usually. i usually run a whole can through, and i have the pan in the sink with some hot water under it. i run the tane and wait about 15 minutes, and refill the sink once or twice, then i pop bubbles with a blade or torch, i prefer blade. then i scrape and put in the freezer, until it gets stable to touch. then i toss in the oven at 200 for about 5 minutes then back into the freezer and oven once more, and i get some shatter or some budder almost everytime.

    i run about 7-10gs of trim and get a turn around of almost 1-2 gs, depending how nice the trim is.

    but i recently did a batch of bubbas gift buds and it came out naturally buddery, but still not much taste.

    so how can i help the taste improve?

    is it the process? is the oven to much at 200?

    i only ask as i want the BEST hash as i have like 20 more runs of trim to do.
  2. Hey mate ;)

    Yea I just started tasting my hits about a week ago....

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