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    So ive run Bho a couple times but not without a vacuum. I recently purchased:

    a 2.5 Gallon Minivac7 vacuum chamber.
    I have a couple questions that no one seems to have a specific answer.
    1. Do you have to leave you vacuum on after you get it to full vacuum? (Please be specific)
    2. Im going to be doing nug runs, so do i want to put popcorn nugs in my tube, extract, then grind up the buds and extract again or should i just grind it up and extract it once? OR do i just use popcorn nugs and extract once.
    3. when i blast into pyrex should my pyrex be in the warm water or should i blast then put the pyrex into the water bath?
    4. Should i put my bud in the oven for 30 minutes to Decarb it? can someone clear up the whole freezing material/butane.
    5. Im having trouble understanding the degassing part, can someone explain or post a video that goes in depth with vaccum purging?
    Thanks in advance!

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