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[BHO] Should I purge again?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Snugs06, Jul 29, 2012.

  1. Novice BHO runner here, I just thinking that after this "double-boiler" hot water bath, this wax is looking pretty good. The last couple of batches I've been purging in the double boiler then putting it in the freezer, and purging again, but I kind of like how this looks, what y'all say? I got the pot on low, ready for another purge, what should I do?

    Oh and this is in pyrex glass, with the paper towel under the glass for a white background.



    and I know y'all wanna see what bud I used, some pretty orange-y good about 10 Gs of this
  2. Dip something in it and light the little oil thats on it and see if it bubbles. If it doesn't, you can still make it morr pure
  3. Cool tip, I should have thought of it myself. I decided to re-purge just for 5 mins other than ther original about 15 min purge and here is the finished product.



    I also left a little bit on the stove on a low heat just to see what happens!
  4. I actually did "smoke dat shit" and it turned on better than most of my recent runs. On my Ti nail it was a nice smooth hit, even gave a YouTube sized dab to a friend for his birthday when he stopped by earlier.

    Also when I tested the product with my skillet there was little to not splattering as I've experienced with my other runs where I only purged under 10 minutes.

    This purge was more of the round of 30-45.
  5. lol I had that jar in the first pic...plastic snap top right? but for me as someone who has been making bho for years I say collect it all up and then WHIP IT, WHIP IT REAL HARD! lol seriously i hate the double boil technique I actually use my hacko to evaporate some of the butane but usually if one have enough bud for bho you can still get baked and wait a day till you know it's completely ready to be enjoyed, i think that form is the most enjoyable and easiest to use.

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