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BHO Reclaim Recipes - Post your recipe here...

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Treemama, Nov 20, 2011.

  1. Reclaim from rigs, plates and trim runs. Measure bho and coconut oil in separate small mason jars at a ratio of 1:5 claim to coconut oil. Heat oil at 130-140*. When liquified, mix together and let cool to room temp. I use a small spoon to fill OO caps. I made 135 caps from 17 grams of claim and 85 grams of coconut oil. We also took the oil mixture and added two caps worth to one square of Gherrideli dark chocolate which tasted pretty good. My wife got higher than she has ever been on THC.

  2. It's great to see that you have an interest in edible cannabis. :yay:

    Just be sure that you're both activating your concentrate, and that you are allowing your oil and concentrate to heat for long enough to actually become a bioavailable solution... I'd mention this, even if I wasn't seeing a bit of solidified potency in the bottom of a cap or two!

    Even after it becomes a seemingly (to the eye) consistent blend, it needs enough time to actually become a solution, in this way the oil will not only avoid separation, but it can be MUCH more easily absorbed, or more bioavailable

    Heating it up just long enough to mix the two together is a good start, but usually an hour, to an hour and a half at 210 - 220 f, will complete the process. :) It probably feels risky treating your delicate cannabinoids in such a way, but not only is it worth it, it's required for the best results. Your wife is probably very fortunate that this wasn't the case! :p A whole 17 grams of even low-grade concentrate, processed well, can be around 250 - 350 powerful doses, or more, depending on the concentrates thc content/percentage.

    So if these work well for you now, just imagine how well they'd work when made properly! :hello:
  3. Wow you really think 17 grams of low grade concentrate could really make that many powerful doses? I think I need to get a few lessons from you. Or a lower tolerance :yay:.

    Anyways its not that I don't really believe you I just haven't had that kind of success. I know thc is processed into 11-Hydroxy-THC when eaten which is supposed to be 3 times more powerful then its counterpart smoked though (I have heard people even say up to 10 times but I am not so sure about that). Like I said I probably just need a few lessons or to spend some time over at your thread.:wave:

  4. I know this is an old thread but maybe someone can answer this. Is it really necessary to heat the solution longer? Wouldn't all or most all the THCa and CBDa turned into THC and CBD from the heating process of smoking the wax\BHO? All the cannabanoids in the reclaim should already be converted into their more potent counterparts shouldn't they?
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    Bioavailability is the issue, not activation or removing the carboxyl group.

    There's more to it than just activating the herb; you need to make sure you body can actually absorb that potency, otherwise, you pass a HUGE amount of it 'in one end and out the other' because cannabis glandular material is notoriously difficult for the body to absorb. :)
    The lower the temp, the longer you can heat it without encouraging too much degradation. A few weeks at a high room temp of 80 f will degrade almost the same amount of material as a few hours at 185 - 200f, but being similar to a cold-processed oil it takes much longer at lower temps to create a bioavailable solution (several months, sometimes, if the temps are low enough).

    Whether it's fresh, and especially when working with older, low-grade material anyhow, it's better to have a little degraded material (those byproducts of degradation are actually partly responsible for the 'recreational'/narcotic/dopey sensation some folks are after in an edible!) and increased bioavailability, than simply active cannabinoids, most of which your body can't even absorb. :)

    Meaning your body will absorb MUCH more active, unharmed potency in a bioavailable solution with some degraded potency, and even if it contains a rather large amount of degraded cannabinoids, than your body would be capable of absorbing, in a non-bioavailable (non-absorbable) solution of just lightly-blended glandular material.
    It's why you need multiple times the required dose-size to achieve the same end effect, when you consume simply active cannabinoids in glandular material alone (heated hash), compared to active cannabinoids blended correctly in oil.

    When oil is just included and blended, your body can absorb a bit more potency than it could without it. When blended properly, into a bioavailable solution, your body can absorb four to five times as much potency.
    Even if you screwed up your temps, and somehow wound up with with twice as much degraded material, your body would still be absorbing more active material, meaning you're still throwing less good potency down the trash (or the toilet) when you can actually absorb it, even if you've messed up and damaged a portion considerably.

    Yes, you pass that much potency through your tract without absorption when you cut corners! So much potency goes unabsorbed, that you miss out on multiple doses, trying to get medicated just once the lazy/quick way. :p

    It's why we have so much dosage discrepency, and so many failed edibles stories: Besides improper activation, many people forget to spend the time required in oil, in order to promote the absorption of that potency.

    The oil you choose, even dictates where in your body the potency is absorbed! The common kitchen cooking oils should be avoided unless you have known liver dysfunction, oils such as canola, soy, olive and similar oils are mainly to entirely comprised of long-chain triglycerides. You miss out on most of the potentiating conversion (from D9THC, to the more powerful 11-OH-THC) if you choose a long-chain oil source, because it bypasses the liver for the most part and it's absorbed lymphatically. You're looking for a medium-chain oil source such as coconut or palm kernel oil, to guide your potency through the portal vein and liver, it is in the liver where additional potentiating conversion takes place.

    In a proper solution, after the solute (cannabis glandular material) has been broken down and dissolved in the solvent (oil), and only once a bond has formed, and a stable coat has developed surrounding each of the individual particles of the solute, only then do you have a bioavailable solution.

    But without the right process, if you just partially-dissolve in oil, you don't have a solution, the individual cannabinoids have not developed a coat of oil just because they've been a little blended, and they are left to simply bounce off our cellular walls, rather than pass through them for delivery to the blood stream, until they continue down to their ultimate 'exit' once they've finished passing through the tract.

    Long story short, if you don't promote bioavailability early on and don't use good storage methods, you have unstable meds which increase in 'perceived potency' (due to the initial lack of absorption, beforehand), as they sit. When made hastily, the meds are also not as shelf-stable when a protective solution and individual coats have not been formed, meaning that at the same storage temps, non-bioavailable meds degrade at a more rapid pace than the lipid-encapsulated bioavailable meds.
    You are better off activating properly as your desired outcome demands, and promoting controlled bioavailability in oil, before you bake or cap up your meds, so they can be refrigerated, frozen and more stably maintained.

    Hope this helps clear things up for you. :)
  6. Ah, I see. Thanks for that info.
  7. @badkitty so how long would you say is a good amount of time in this situation? (reclaim and coconut oil) I'm thinking of trying 6hrs on like 200? or should I go lower temp like 185? after reading what you said about completing the solution I'm not too worried about 'over cooking' as I am under cooking.

    with that being said, about how many caps should ~1.1g of properly treated reclaim make? I'm thinking 20 for single doses of 0.05 each? or should they be 0.025?

    keep in mind I have a relatively high tolerance (don't we all) and am looking to take 2 capsules to be heavily medicated, 1 for a very strong/noticeable but more tollerable effect.

    any advice or any info you can throw at me will be a big help and much appreciated!!

    hope you all had a merry Christmas!!! I know I did with MY NEW OMICRON! :p
  8. just re-read and saw that you said 1-1.5hrs at 210-220f will complete it. so that answers that question. I'm just hoping thats long enough, it took me like 6-7g of good errl to get this little gram of bho so I don't wanna mess this up :/
  9. Going to attempt my.own tonight will post results with pics soon

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  10. Huge success!! Thank you to mskitty for your explanation of fusing the two made this test run Sooooo much easier and with 1-1.5g of reclaim(from my nail not the iso wash!) I was able to make 3/4acup of what is some very potent oil made a cake last night and ate me test piece waited for 45mins and next thing I know I'm waking up so I will post my recipe with pics! Give me a few days to write it and I noted the WHOLE infusion the next run I'm going to let the "infusion" go longer this run was 25-30mins and from what ms kitty said it would make more sense to let it go for at least 1-3 hrs min but again this was the test run so will post results of the next batch when done.. Any more info you have ms kitty plz hmu and if anyone wants a rough cut of my recipe before I post it DM me I'll gladly share it stay lifted!!

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  11. Find cool cannabis recipes here! cool recipes and guides. god bless everyone!

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