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Bho questions

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by shibby22one, Jan 6, 2012.

  1. It's hard to find concentrates in my area and I'm debating on making some bho. I have a Q of some heady mango I was going to use. I was told the yield "should" be around 1g~ for a Q, that sound correct?

    Also, with 1g of bho... How much do you use for a hit? How long will a g last (10 hits?). I am just looking for an estimate, I know no one can give me an exact number.

    Any other additional info regarding bho would be appreciated as well. The process of making it I feel comfortable on.
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    You'll yield .8 - 1.2 probably. You'll get a shit ton of dabs from a gram. 100+

    of course it all depends on the size of your dabs... I started with the ones I linked and now dab 4 of those combined

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  3. Yeah probably a gram. Don't grind your buds though. That was a mistake I made when I did my first couple runs. Also if you want the best efficiency for your smoking have a ti nail or skillet. Otherwise you tend to waste a lot. I just started and its really addicting when you start. Good luck.
  4. ive made bho a few times... are thick uncut buds/trim really better than grounded?

    and how much butane do you suppose is in bho? of course after it is boiled down... i normally use a double boiler method to heat it.

    reason i ask is because i hate using lighters to smoke with and i use bee line. i know it doesnt have as much butane as lighters but im sure some is still in there and thats also why people will tell you to make bubble.
  5. Thank you. So to start off, I literally just want to put enough concentrate on the dabber just to cover the tip?

    I just cant see how you would get about 100 hits a g if it was much bigger.
  6. Using ungrounded buds gives a better quality product because not as much chlorophyll is absorbed with the butane. And just use the double boiler and whip the oil. You can also use a vacuum system to suck the butane out. I've never used this method but have ordered the pump recently off amazon. But supposedly it takes pretty much all of it out
  7. Just a little but just use it til you get a hit that you enjoy. Keep increasing til you find what you like
  8. just make sure you use high quality butane (at least 5x filtered), decarb the bud before-hand, and vacuum purge afterwards. Will make for a great product

    as far as dabs go, it all depends on your tolerence
  9. What process do you use to decarb? None of the videos show a decarb process
  10. is the best options besides vacuum pruging double boiling + whipping?

  11. I double boil and whip before I vacuum purge. Purging is just an extra step that isnt entirely necessary, but yields a healthier and better tasting product. Just make sure you spend extra time with the boil/whip to get all butane out

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