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Bho questions

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by EastCoastStoner, Dec 31, 2011.

  1. How do you know if your bho is well purged? Used the hot water bath technique, scraped it all into a ball then put it back over the bath for 10 minutes. Durring that time I whipped it around to get any more butane out. Now my oil is not rock hard when it drys,it's soft. Is this considered butter? Is there a certain way to tell if the butane is gone? Thank you
  2. Set it in the natural sunlight for half a day and it will turn to butter.
  3. Doesn't sunlight degrade it?
  4. Don't smoke it. Fuck BHO i don't understand all these people so keen on smoking poison.
  5. some strains will turn into ear-waxy consistency, and its strain dependant.

    You willl never be able to fully purge out the butane..there will always be some remnants...

    u can try taking the moisture out of it and let it sit out..and it will 'budder' up... but i think it's a weaker product...

    im a fan of the oily waxy type...but it's all preference.
  6. That looks like some dank wax. How much product did you use?

    Did it stop bubbling before you took it off?

    How much butane did you run through it?
  7. I used a quarter and ran a full can. But does it matter if you use a lot because it evaporates so quickly

  8. I give our BHO atleast 45 mins to purge.... Usually more on the 1 - 2 hour range depending upon how much bud we run.
  9. Needs more purge, invest in a vac.
  10. #11 Chief Tokem, Jan 1, 2012
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    No don't set it out in the sunlight. It does degrade it. I don't know who starting spreading this frivolous idea.

    Even more so, I don't understand where people get ideas like this. Are you fucking retarded? Why are you so keen on smoking carcinogenic plant matter?

    All in all it looks like a pretty good run man! I will definitely not spray a whole can through 7 grams next time though, just to save you some money on butane. You are probably good spraying about a can an ounce.

    It looks like you almost got budda. It is still maybe a bit on the waxy side. You can always toss it back in a hot water bath to help purge it more. Butane evaporates at 30 Degrees F, so any heat on top of that just adds to the purging process. I usually do a few half an hour baths to get a really pure product and then follow that up with a vacuum purger. You have to be careful about the back pressure and butane vapors when using an electric vacuum pump. But you can always pick up a hand vacuum pump!

    [ame=] OEM 25136 Vacuum Pump: Home Improvement[/ame]

    Then you know all the butane is gone when your forearms hurt like shit :smoke:

    Realistically budda seems to be the purest product out there these days besides CO2. Not only do you purge the product with heat, you also whip the tane bubbles out and replace them with oxygen. If you go as far as to vacuum purge then you can be fairly sure your product is pure. Butane is used as a propellant in tons of everyday products, like hair spray and cooking spray.

  11. Usually a can per ounce is good.

  12. :hello::hello:
  13. Good look chief. That was really good
    Info thanks for the help. Definitely picking up a Vaccum ASAP. Think home depot would have it? Any other advanced tips on purging or anything in the process you think might be beneficial please share the knowledge.

  14. harbor freight has them for the low im about to use mine now
  15. [quote name='"dubsmoke"']

    harbor freight has them for the low im about to use mine now[/quote]

    Harbor freights carries shitty ones. If you are getting a hand pump, at least get a metal one.

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