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Discussion in 'Harvesting and Processing Marijuana' started by iewed, Nov 17, 2010.

  1. Few questions-

    I'm using 1/8 of good quality bud, so how much butane should I use? Most guides I've seen suggest anywhere from 8oz-16oz of butane. I'm assuming for an 1/8 that 1-3oz would be more than enough

    After placing bud into turkey baster, adding filter, and then adding butane, should I just let the butane drip out or should I squeeze it all out after a few minutes? I don't want to wait too long because I've read that the butane could pick up some of the plant matter that I don't want along with the THC.

    How do I know if I've used too much butane? Is there a certain point at which a color change in the dripping butane would indicate that I'm only harming the purity of the oil?

    Is there anything I could do with the left over bud? Assuming I left it out to dry, wouldn't it still have a decent cannabinoid profile so I could make cannabutter or something with it?

    While the butane solution is sitting in it's evaporating dish could I use a small paint brush to apply some of the butane solution onto rolling papers and let the butane evaporate off the rolling papers, giving me hash infused papers?

  2. First I'm going to suggest you don't waste your bud 3.5 x 15% = .525 grams of honey oil. Some of the oil will be lost in the process i bet also. Ok now for helping if you still decide you want to make it into oil. Depending on how well it is broken (or grinded) up is how well the butane will extract the thc. The butane shouldn't pick up anything other then thc so exposure time shouldn't matter like it does in qwiso really. Next make sure you get CLEAN butane. You can run the butane as long as u want (longer you run the more you will yield). Once you feel you have extracted as much as you could or desire (in my case its always all of it because you cant make a better product with such ease) you could attempt to get the remaining thc out of the plant material I'm sure somthing would be there not sure if its enough to make it worth making into cannabutter.

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