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  1. So I recently have gotten into BHO...I understand it mostly but things throw me.... Like why are these two different colors.... In use to getting dark gold, then I ran my last batch from month ago, trim I been save, nothing but sugar super sugar leaves... And just same strain different plant but here goes... Dark the old stuff but been dark all along... The gold new but made from month old trim, I always put in freezer few days before but idk with this one... Remember same strain different plant... Thanks BUDdies
  2. Dark wax is usually chlorophyll. If it has a green tinge to it, it's plant matter. Pure thc doesn't have a color, so lighter the color, the better, but not always.
  3. Whoops here goes

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  4. But when made from same strain just different plant how they happen
  5. More chlorophyll was pulled out in the extraction process for that batch
  6. How and why? Sometimes I don't take just BC as answers lol sorry but there reason for everything right.. I'm just trying to figure out what happen differently BC I've been making from this strain for about 6 months and all sudden two the clones started tasting great, then this was straight crystallized trim....

    That might be it this probably first time was 100%dank trim that might be it... Thanks fur trying BUDdy
  7. well what are you doing differently then you normally do? that's probably why.
  8. It's because too much butane was used for the amount of weed, the chlorophyll started to leach into the solvent causing the green color and plant matter taste
  9. I think I sang this time that's probably it
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  10. singing helps everything
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  11. And I did do a jig or two while singing.....
    And I yelled at my dog some
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  12. gave my trimmings to a friend who turned it into this.
    one is lumpy and more solid
    one is more like oil/shatter
    they both taste good in a oil rig

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  13. Which would you say more like shatter right or left on yours... I'm new to BHO but not to cannabis
  14. the right one
  15. How are you making your BHO?
    what process?
  16. Open loop 11x n.butane....14in tube huge pack all way really tight... Same way every time.... Coffee filters over end.... Blast... Purge fur almost day on low, once evaporatored purge low 24 hrs.... Same way every time... Freeze the dried cured super sugar trim first., that it
  17. Do you decarb your plant material first? It's more to make it bone dry instead of actually decarbing. I bake my material for a few minutes. After it cools off I run it through a coffee grinder I bought just for weed. The dried/ground material is what is packed in the tube. I think you get less chlorophyll if you get it super dry.
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  18. What do you think it the golden stuff I have up top.. Like allot plant matter or does that color mean more pure., thanks BUDdy
  19. Golden stuff looks good. The stuff on the left looks also like it may have been stirred too much. If you do an oven purge you can stir it around to let more bubbles out but if you stir it too much it gets that weird consistency.
  20. This is why I'm lazy and use the same bubble bags I bought like 15-20 years ago.

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