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  1. I didn't want to post anywhere but here because I want an oil head answer. So I've been getting honeycomb wax for $35 /gram and my club has 15 waxes all testing 80%thc and above. I smell some and some smells good and others have no smell at all. Is this a good purity indicator of remaining butane? is wetness, color, and smell the only way to test for well purged bho?

    How do you know if the bho is pure and purged well? What do you look and smell for?

    I am health conscious and believe remaining butane will cause problems.
    And if you say if I'm worried then smoke bubble hash, well, my city has half melt bubble at the best and its not dabbable.


    Smoking this
  2. If it's purged well, it should be transparent meaning you should be able to see through it like a film. If you can't see through it, there is still butane in the mixture. It wont be completely clear, but if you pull out a piece of shatter for example and put it over something you should be able to see through.

    You most likely will know if there's remaining butane in it. If every time you smoke it, it lights up lights on fire and stays with a flame, then there's butane in it.

    The smell/taste indicator is more relative to the strain I believe.

    Edit: I can't really tell from the pic, because it looks thick, i'm used to it being thinner like a disc. If you put it in a mini candle holder and put it on a candle warmer for a few mins, it will melt down to the shape if you really want to check (Be careful you can burn out the good taste when you do this if you do it too long, just do it long enough to melt it down). It's hard to tell when it's a bhuddery consistency though.
  3. What jpres said about transparency indicating purity is not always true. It would only really apply to shatter/sap/oil. Wax like the op's honeycomb is opaque, but it has nothing to do with trapped solvent. I dont think you can really tell if it was properly purged just by appearence with a wax. Unless its super unstable to the point of being runny. You really need to burn some of it and look for 'fireworks' or a sizzle. Then if that looks good proceed to dab some of it and again look for sparks coming off your nail/skillet and listen for a sizzle. Then pay good attention to the taste. If it wasnt purged very well you will know. But to be able to tell if its fully purged is really imposible. Even if it seems fully purged there could be a few ppms of tane trapped in your honeycomb, but how big of a health risk is such a minute amount going to cause? I dont know, seems pretty small in comparison to how much tane you might inhale when making bho or even filling up your torch.
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    The only way to know if its clean is to dab it.if it lights or sizzles then its not purged completely.usually underpurged waxes leave a sore throat at the end of the hit.the cleaner it is the smoother the hit will feel and taste.i usually go with the most crumbly stable kind they have.imo the more solid it is the more chance theres no residual unpurged butane left.peple might say otherwise but that seems to work for me when choosing wax
  5. Like what I'm hearing guys. So the dryer the better? And my honeycomb doesn't sizzle or fire up. Tastes awesome so I'm good with this dispensary.
  6. Btw are precoolers worth it? It doesn't taste nearly as good with it on but would the extra filtration help with the tar/wax going into my lungs? I do not enjoy even enjoy a thought of a waxy lung :laughing:
  7. Well thats a touchy subject for some. Consistency is a tough nut to crack. High quality, unmolested bho should be a shatter or oil. So then you can assume that shatter would be the most 'natural' form of butane extract, as it hasnt been touched/changed. BUT, i hate to hear people say that shatter is the supreme, best of the best consistency. High grade oil should come out as shatter, now does this mean its better than a more processed wax/budder? IDK, i like to think consistency is just a matter of personal preference, and they are all essentially the same thing.
    But i can make some generalizations about the differences between shatter and crumble. Shatter seems to smell a lot less than crumble types. But i accredit this to the flavenoids/terpenes being trapped inside the shatter, so that they are not released until dabbed. With a dry, airated crumble the ingredients have begun to break apart much quicker, which causes that stinky goodness we all love in our crumbles :D But that accelerated breaking down of the ingredients causes your crumble to lose potency much quicker than shatter will. It also is why i notice the taste of crumbles to be much lighter and less intense than some nug shatter. So in my experiences, crumble is a less durable constistency. It will lose smell, flavor, and potency faster. But i still prefer it to shatter, bite me :p
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  8. If its harsh then add a precooler if not then I wouldnt worry about it
  9. IMO the best indicator is to heat up your nail or skillet and watch the oil as it melts. If it bubbles as its melting this indicates there is excess butane within the wax. If it just melts/evaporates into vapor then there's a good chance your oil has been properly purged. Obviously if its honey oil ie ultra pure quality with no excess plant matter any crackling or sizzing, or a foul or sour taste can be obvious indicators if its really badly purged stuff.

    I don't have the pleasure of having access to a dispensary but from what I've gathered a lot of commercially produced BHO is woefully under purged.
  10. You in Cali? If yes what part, Northern or Southern? I find in So Cal a lot of the clubs have under purged wax. Out of the 30+ clubs surrounding me I only use 2-3 for wax even though most places carry it. I find a good way to tell is to get a small little piece of wax, put it on the tip of a dabber or paper clip and put it over an open flame. If there is any tane in there it will start to crackle and spark like a shitty sparkler. If the wax just melts then it should be good to go.

    Also that golden yellow color is a good indicator that it was made semi well. No plant matter in it.

    Really thought the amount of tane you would inhale off of poorly purged BHO is less then what you would inhale from a normal bong hit with a lighter. Its also most likely better(cleaner) tane in the BHO then in the lighter.
  11. NorCal . Just got this wax that looks opaque but it bubbles when dabbed and when I hold a lighter to the wax, it flares just a bit but melts. Thinking of switching CCs now. Every time I dab under purged bho there's a pain in my groin, so imagine what that butane is doing to you. I'm thinking of dabbing full melt. Anyone have luck with full melt on a skillet?
  12. It makes me so angry when a club is selling underpurged trim goop as quality errl. Ive gotten butane infested oil from a few clubs, and the only thing you can do is chew em out on weedmaps. It really is sad that people will put that shit on their shelves when it seems they dont even know wtf purging is.
    And at messenger, the pain in the groin sounds odd. I would just stick to the places that have had good wax in the past. And dabbing melt is weak, unless its some real fire full melt. Which is probably harder to find than properly purged oil.
  13. Got this. Seems Legit until you dab it and starts bubbling.

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  14. Ghetto ass clubs is why I started growing and processing my own oils. Its disheartening that So Cal is so far behind Nor Cal in the cannabis game. Wtf am I seeing oz go for near $400 down here?! Whenever I make it home to Nor Cal, I love the low prices of actual quality weed, and not some bunk ass shit that the shops just want to maximize their profits on. I know Bay area warehouse growers that come down just to charge more bc thats what ppl will pay down here. Oh well, thats life, I guess.
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    I've slapped shit into my boys vac and ran it again for 6hours and some of the grams were still bubbling a lot after that much time which tells me these people didn't purge their product worth a shit this is in Nor Cal and expensive shit not just the cheap shit(25-70 a gram). Honestly almost all dispensaries are trash.
  16. Since you have clubs look into full-melts. I've only had a decent full-melt once, if i had access i'd only smoke full-melts to be honest. It's so much more "all around" kind of full body high compared to the BHO high. Here on the eastcoast it's getting much better, our guys only have good oil and we only stay in contact with people like them. Basically without any way to test it out here we just dab it to test. If its runny of course we turn it away, that's only happened once from a friend that didn't know what he was doing. And then if it's harsh at all we turn it away. Properly made oil, at the proper temperature, with a proper size dab, is smoother than titty-skin. You don't feel anything on the throat. Underpurged oil or cheaply made oil leaves a harshness and a burnt, extremely planty taste. It's like the way the third run starts to taste.
    If you're honestly concerned, start making your own. Ethanol hash is too easy to make, it sits out for a couple days, get popped in the oven, and be cleaner than most BHO without any work involved. The less steps you use the better its going to be unless you get into winterization. No whipping, no vaccing, no flipping. Just forget it on the plate for a couple days, and scrape. I'd really recommend you look into the Isohead thread, its the same process as making ethanol hash. Only whatever tech you read, since you're into purity, leave it sitting out for an extra 24 hours.
  17. all right, ive seen allot of answers to this question here and allot of good and allot of bad. Ill throw in my 2 cents in here.... I wont get into my lvl of experience, but its extensive. Basically to check purity of BHO derived cannabis oil you need a lab, but there are some basic do and dont's when buying BHO. 1. color and clarity: there can be many colors but all will be one constant color and when smeared clear/translucent or u can see the impurity. 2. smell: usually you want a strong almost candy smell, if still smells like weed, its a very bad quality and most likely will also have butane left in it. if you know what butane smells like you can just by smelling is simply little molecules of whatever you're smelling wafting up into your nose, where they're caught by olfactory receptors. most humans can smell down to ppm, not a bad judge of purity in my book.
    3: taste when smoking is the key, like weed that hasn't been properly flushed before final cropping will be very harsh and make you cough allot, BHO that doesn't go through the purge process fully will taste it.
  18. wtf does purity mean?? pure what? pure bullshit?
  19. LOL, I think they mean how to tell if BHO is clean\\properly purged. Purity was a bad choice for words as pure Bho? Pure THC? Or like you said pure bullshit.

    Whats up with all these dead threads getting revived lately? New comers? If so welcome to the city.

  20. holy shit this is from 2012?? damn I didnt even see that hahaha

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