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Bho purging method

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by MadDabber96, Oct 7, 2014.

  1. So I've been mAking bho for a while now I wanted to share my method on purging it
    So first thing I do is whip it into a budder state ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1412709645.680604.jpg
    Afterwards I cut the bottom off a pop can put the budder in the Pop can and I melt it down with the keep warm burner on my stove till it stops bubbling ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1412709816.197952.jpg
    My final product looks like this
    ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1412709920.883272.jpg

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  2. Looks bomb man, wouldn't mind hitting that in a nice icey cold glass piece.  :yummy:
  3. That looks horrible. I would highly advise getting a vac system and doing something to help with all the plant matter that is getting left behind. the keep warm setting is way to hot to be purging, its close to 180 degrees snd fluctuates. You need a constant 95-100 degrees for Litterally 3 days straight at the minimum without a vac system.

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  4. Don't whip it up or mess with the oil much, you want to get that butane out as quick as possible and whipping traps butane and messes with the oil. I think its best to try and touch the oil the least amount as possible and you don't want the oil changing states multiple times.
    Also make sure your temperatures are ok, the oil shouldn't get hotter than 110*F if you want shatter and the oil shouldn't be boiling unless there is hella butane in it and you should first be purging over warm water hot from the tap or warmed prior on the stove top.
    Always run oil outside or in a well ventilated area. Be safe and make some fire, you can use a vacuum if you really want to get into it and vac for 5 days on and off low heat. There is honestly a difference when you purge longer and its worth it.
  5. I've been purging my BHO on a slick mat spread very very thin on a slick mat on top of a toaster oven on low, temp is about 95 degrees. The hotter is gets it turns to shatter then crumble. I don't like that so I keep temp very low. I purge for about 24 hours. Are you saying it's still not completely purged, even though it's spread very thin? Does this stuff look ok to you?

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  6. I purge for 70 hours in a vac at 95 degrees minimum so yes you need to heat purge way longer than i do. I would say go 5 days to a week if its only heat purging. Maybe even 2 weeks
  7. Wow....I can't afford vac, cheap ones always break....5 days on toaster oven too long....winterize? Details on winterization would be helpful. I'll use 91% isopropyl alcohol. Thanks for the advice, don't wanna smoke butane.
  8. it is more than possible to make your own vac chamber. just google it. pretty sure instructables has something like that at their website.

    but yeah, that heat you're blasting your product with is killing your final product. well i wouldn't say killing it because at one point they were doing something similar until we came up with the tech to do it at lower temps via vacuum. what i would say is your shooting yourself in the foot and losing valuable potency, aromatics and flavor.

    i bet your final product isn't too bad. but you're definitely losing some potency, aromatics and flavor of that final product you have there. seriously bro, just make a vac chamber. most parts for the chamber can be had at a good will type of store and a pet store that services aquariums and the like. just google how to make your own vacuum chamber, be sure you plan for everything {like your heat source and purging container} to fit and you will do just fine. you could totally make it in a few hours if you have the parts on hand. just get creative.

    good luck [​IMG]
  9. no bad for no vac, but get a vac or else you'll be smoking butane unless you purge it for a week straight low and slow.
  10. I dont see how winterizing would ever help in that aspect, alcohol has a boiling point thats almost 150 degrees higher than butane. Yeah, you'll get the butane out but now you're left with a solvent that boils at a way higher temp so you wouldnt be avoiding the need to purge properly.

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