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BHO Purge Accident, Help!!!

Discussion in 'Harvesting and Processing Marijuana' started by JaeMan, Apr 14, 2013.

  1. I was purging my BHO in a vac chamber for the first time. I intend on making wax. Whily purging, i messed with the vac. pump and some vac. oil got into the chamber. I cleaned as much as I could, but there is still some on my BHO. What can I do to fix this, and how bad is it? Please help! Any input would be greatly appreciated!
  2. Bro first off bho is butane hash oil n wen u mak it the end result is a waxy substance called ear wax. So do u alreAdy hav bho? Why r u putting it in a vacuum chamber? N of u google how to make bho itll giv u a bunch of info cuz me explaing would tak too long
  3. I put my bho in the vac. Chamber to purge it after the initial water purge. I was following the honeycomb wax DIY. Somehow the vac. Oil got into the chamber. I cleaned as much as I could, but like I said before there is still some vac. oil on the bho. I need to know what to do now
  4. Your wasting your time, you ruined your batch brother, that oil is toxic and there's no way to separate the two once its mixed, I had that happen to me and I just trashed the oil.
    From now on put a glass bowl over the top of your oil inside the vac, not to actually cover the oil, but its like a shield just in case that happens again.
    The reason that happened is because you turned off the vac before you took the tube off your chamber, common thing to do if you've never worked with a vacuum chamber.
    From now on separate the tube connecting your chamber and your vacuum pump, and then turn off your pump, otherwise the vacuum inside the chamber pulls oil out of your vac and sprays it all over your shit...
  5. Yes wat this dide said i agree
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    Thanks for the help guys. I'll be real careful next time. I lost a lot of bho because of this. You live and learn I guess. Anyway, thanks again
  7. Keep your vac pump below your chamber and use a ball valve on your lid so you can close it before shutting off your vac. That oils toast.

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