Bho or wax from acetone

Discussion in 'General' started by mros83, Dec 27, 2012.

  1. My boy makes his wax from acetone it is good I prefer butane I like the texture better and the high better which do you think is better
  2. Acetone is not a clean enough solvent to extract with.. good way to have some major health issues.
  3. Do you know that for sure or guessing because its both popular ways how to extract on YouTube
  4. Personally I would never do that. Butane has no immediate or long lasting health effects on the body and is actually safe to inhale. Acetone is kind of a gray area. It can cause some health issues like skin irritation and light headedness and the long term effects of frequent exposure aren't really known so I would just stay away. Stick to butane or iso oils dude. way safer.
  5. Listen, Ive ran 50+ batches of bho. Acetone is fucking dirty.

    If you dont know how to make BHO, DONT.

    Ffs, all these kids on here are going to blow up their mommy and daddies house.
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  6. I do bho my boy does it with acetone and selling that way so I was just curious thx
  7. Popular is not factual.

    YouTube is hardly factual.

    Get your information from people experienced in the game. Someone who is gave you advice, you refused to believe it because you saw differently on youtube.

    Gotta be open to other's criticism and critiques. Sometimes it helps with your health.

    And I would not use acetone as anything besides a cleaner for glass when it comes to weed. It's really not an appropriate solvent for making smoke able extracts.

    I really hope your friend who has been selling this uses at least real acetone, not nail polish remover. Nail Polish remover has other ingredients than acetone, pretty toxic stuff too. It eats away at paint ;)
  8. Thx I will tell people stop getting wax from him
  9. Kudos.
  10. both are gross

    quit manipulating the herb mon with these chemicals

    daps are like crack

    and constricts the lungs...eeewww
  11. Dabs are amazing brah
  12. This is absolutely false. Not only can butane cause respiratory issues when inhaled, it also has addictive properties, that are on par with the likes of methamphetamine or nicotine (blew my mind too. Google it.). And, isopropyl alcohol actually leaves more contaminates than acetone does. ...I'm not knocking anyone's preferences, nor have I done an acetone wash... but I have ran LOTS of BHO and did a great deal of studying the potential effects of butane and the various forms of extraction and/or cleaning. And from the information I've gathered, acetone is a better wash solution than iso and a better extraction solvent than butane. ...but, I digress, I do say that only in theory. ...but again, fact: butane is both, potentially harmful (even in trace amounts) and addictive. Sik
  13. Coming from a guy that has ran pounds and pounds of BHO, I still couldn't agree more bro! Fukk dabs, flower is where its at! ✌ Sik
  14. Do more research. They're wrong. ...sure, as one person mentioned, if its nail polish remover, well, then there's extra shitz...but if its pure acetone, its cleaner than isopropyl alcohol. ...its used in the processing of FDA approved pharmaceuticals, so just consider that bro. Sik

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