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Discussion in 'Harvesting and Processing Marijuana' started by coughee19, Apr 18, 2012.

  1. Alright so im looking to make myself hash for the upcoming holiday, and i wanted your guys opinion on what would be more effienct...in terms of cost, yeild and time.

    i have about a quarter of dank shake/stems, an eighth of ABV, and a a quarter of dank nug.

    BHO or QWISO?
  2. bho is a lot more potent than qwiso IMO, yield should be similar and will depend more on the quality of your starting product
  3. BHO will be more potent, QWISO will be cheaper, and yield more.
  4. well i live in an apartment so if i were to do BHO, how would i purge if i don't have access to an outdoor heating element?
  5. Vacuum purge I believe
  6. if you cant do it outdoors, dont make either.... you NEED good ventilation to make qwiso if done indoors, and BHO CAN NOT be done inside, unless you like having a 50/50 chance of blowing your house up.....

    BHO for time/quality

    QWISO for price/yield
  7. No backyard or balcony? You don't need to do the entire purge outside, you just need to spray outside for safety reasons. It's safe to bring in once the bubbling stops and the liquid butane evaporates. But please read up more on the safety and proper procedures of BHO extraction before attempting, since I assume it'll be your first time..
  8. You don't need an outdoor heating method if your not doing a lot, just set in the sun until there's big bubbles, then u can take it inside and heat it on a hot plate inside to purge, I always purge indoors
  9. thanks guys! i actually hit up a friend and we did BHO at his place on the balcony. My first dabs were lovely. :)

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