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BHO Oil for vape help please

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by treehouse23, Feb 26, 2016.

  1. I want to buy a vape pen that does oil. I understand how to make wax but am curious if what they mean by oil is the same thing I get when I heat my concentrate past the butter or honeycomb form.

    Do I just slowly raise the temp of my wax in my vac chamber until it hits like 150 and gets a good oily texture?

    I just feel like it should be harder to make than that considering its helping so many people.
  2. Or tell me a good place to post this question as I didn't see a sub forum for concentrates.
  3. You didn't ask a question
  4. I did I asked how to get oil form of cannabis.
  5. It's the only sentence with a question mark.
  6. Don't get a wax pen. That's all bullshit. Get a vape. Standard vape. Needs to have a RDA. 3mm coils are fantastic for this. A basic setup for a mech mod could be had for about $60-80. Shatter is purged less than honeycomb. The more you purge the drier it gets. Shatter is a bit of a pain to work with. Crumble is also a pain. Wax, sticky/workable shatter. You can carry any extract with you in a rubber wax container and after about a week it'll turn to very workable wax. Everything from crumble to shatter does it. Leave the wick in one of the coils, take the other wick out. Pack the coil full of wax, slap the cap on and let er rip. Hits harder than a rig. Tried both side by side.
  7. To get honeycomb you have to do more than just purge shatter longer. They will normally be purged the same amount of time or at least till the ppm are the same but the honeycomb will use a different tech to get it to honecomb up.

    If shatter is sticky or workable then it is no longer shatter but pull n snap.

    Don't tell him to use a rubber container unless you want to kill him, silicone only. Not everything just wax's up like you say, i have left shatter on a silicone container for months without consistency changing on me.
  8. When I made my honeycomb I used Mexican brick bud. I put it in a vac chamber for about 24 hrs at 30hg and the temps at 125 degrees. I got a really nice honeycomb or maybe it was crumble. It had lots and lots to f little holes pulled through it and it was indeed dry. It was far less potent than shatter tho.

    The silicone containers are nice but I just leave my stuff folded up in parchment paper.
  9. I'm not saying use a actually rubber container. The the extract containers you get from dispensarys that aren't the plastic or glass ones. I've had everything from shatter that is rock hard to crumble that's almost like dirt all turn to a wax consistency after carrying it in my pocket. I will assume the container I have is silicone. Creamy color container if it matters. The last batch of shatter that was workable that I've had was about the consistency of.... Frozen hard taffy? Definitely solid but didn't actually shatter like glass when you go to take a dab from the gram. I can post pics of what it looks like when I get it and after I've carried it awhile. Ehhh you sure you purge for the same amount of time for both shatter and honeycomb/crumble?
  10. I literally got different consistency by changing the temps. I can't say the amount of time ever really mattered it took about 24 hours to 48 hours. Often I would just pop my stuff in a vac when not in use just for the hell of it. It got to a point where nothing else would happen just remain the same unless I increased the temps. I'll have to post pics next batch i run. I'm about to run the leaves from a male and see if I get anything from it. I like to experiment.
  11. If I'm not mistaken the leaves shouldn't give anything. If any it would take an insane amount of leaves. Could make tea with em though. I've heard that'll give ya a buzz
  12. I've already trashed em.

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