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Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by JuleneW, Jul 11, 2018.

  1. I am attempting to make a mct based tincture using decarbed bho and have some questions. I'm looking for a very strong end product that takes effect quickly sublingually.
    1) Does mct based tincture work effectively subliminally? I keep seeing posts about using a mct based tincture as an edible or in caps, but not much info on sublingual delivery mode. Am not interested in alcohol/Everclear tincture due to taste and burn, but want the quick acting effects like you'd get from an alcohol based tincture.
    2) I'm wanting a very potent end product. Like getting a 25mg thc dose from 3 or 4 drops of tincture. Does mct have a saturation point? What would be the absolute least amount of mct to use per gram of decarbed bho?
    3) Can this be used as a sublingual spray? If so, how do you figure out how many spray pumps per ml for dosing? Count # of sprays per ml using water? Or does each spray = approx 1 drop from dropper type bottle?
    4) Is it worth adding some peppermint or other flavored extract to the tincture to help the taste? Would adding the extract to hide the smell of the tincture (stealth) to those around me?
    5) When combining the mct and decarbed bho, do I need to use heat to bind them? Or just agitate?
    6) Any advantage to adding some liquid soy lecithin? If so, how much per gram of decarbed bho?
  2. Yours are very thoughtful questions.
    (1) Sublingual absorption of both oil and alcohol are very poor. I'd guess a few percent absorption sublingually, with the swallowed part behaving as an edible. But the sublingual goes straight into the blood stream, and is more effective than you'd expect from such a small amount.
    (2) Certainly there is a saturation point, but at least 6 mg thc per drop should be possible. I make oil tincture from long soak FECO, and it starts getting pretty thick after 5 mg thc per drop, but contains more stuff than thc.
    (3) P-Sam has a long tincture thread that can probably answer this question.
    (4) Ditto
    (5) Only enough heat to dissolve the BHO into the MCT with agitation.
    (6) The lecithin might thicken the mixture too much for easy use. I make tinctures without lecithin, and also baked goods and cannacaps with lecithin, always making sure that the same amount of original herb ends up in one dose. My experience is that tincture needs no lecithin, after qualitatively comparing potencies.
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