BHO market needs FDA or other regulation

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  1. If the cannabis market is ever going to iron out the quality issues I think its time the cannabis industry either asked for or created an alternative to FDA regulation. BHO and concentrates more widely are what I view as the most problematic product. In the state of NM at least, the BHO manufactures are regularly producing unpurged or otherwise contaminated products. I am referring to properly licensed companies in the state of new Mexico including Bhang, MountainTop Extracts and Ultra Health. Dispensary quality is actual lagging behind the black market now. Dispensaries have very little incentive to perform testing at or above that which is required. What are your thoughts?
  2. I agree that shops have a preconceived notion of selling purity because it’s not a street dealer. But the quality is probably the same.

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  3. Were required to have Cat testing, heavy metal, and cannabinoid profile. (COA) On safety aspect, we are required to use Class 1 Division 1 & 2 rooms. Also, all equipment needs to be engineered for peer review. The issue is the majority of these ”master” extractors can't be fact-checked so a lot of people over qualify themselves and underproduce.

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  4. Asking for more government is virtually always a terrible idea. Let the free market decide who the winners are, based on quality and cost.

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  5. How about we get rid of the FDA instead?
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