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Bho honeycomb?

Discussion in 'Tokers Q&A' started by kiwiweed, May 1, 2013.

  1. Ok so you may think I've been living under a rock. But being from New Zealand with weed being illegal we don't get products like these or not that i have ever come across and I've been smoking for 10 odd years. Once I got some oil but it was black nasty shit that tasted like fish. Yeah I know it was disgusting.

    bho honey wax and shatter?
    Is it good?
    Worth making?
    Which is better shatter or honeycomb?
  2. for dabs shatter. for vape pens, honeycomb.
  3. Shatter is the best.  More stable, longer shelf life.  Def worth making.  I turn all my flower into bho now a days.

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