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  1. within 2 weeks im going to convert around 2 pounds of trim into bho how do you make bho like purgeing methods and extraction and help through out making it i already know about butane quadruple refined butane and im trying to get a stainless steel turkey baster or a couple lil glass tubes
  2. be outside in a well ventilated area. I get 2 pyrex dishes and fill one with warm water and put the other one above it creating a double boiling effect since butane boils at such a low temp. To finish the purge i set the oil on a heating pad for 24 hours (time can vary depending on the consistancy you want your oil to be. I prefer mine to be hard as a rock so purge it longer at a warm temperature not to hot tho)
  3. ok but i dont wanna make budder so im not gunna do the heating pad cuz i want a pli able oil
  4. You won't be making budder out of BHO anyways. Budder is made starting with high grade QWISO, not BHO.
  5. as i said you can purge it as long as you feel the longer you do the thicker it gets. i believe 1 hour is the suggest minimum though im not sure
  6. ok and ill proboly do about hour and a half

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