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BHO help

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Corndogs, Dec 26, 2012.

  1. I'm trying to find a good guide to making BHO but I'm struggling, the search feature yields way too many bad results.. But anyways I have the general concept of how to make it down I just have some questions such as what would a minimum amount of bud be that could be used to make BHO and how much butane for it? Also what type of butane is best? I would like to experiment with as little as possible until I get it down to start making large amounts. Thanks in advance for any help and sorry for posting this whereas I'm sure the information is somewhere on this site.
  2. minimum i would say is a quarter at the least but, the more the merrier. Best purger would be hexane if you can get ahold of it, and if you're just beginning let it run through till it looks finished.
  3. Thanks for the info. Any idea where I can find a tutorial or anything?
  4. try Youtube :)
  5. If you want to make large quantities of budder you'll want a reclaim system for your butane. TE175

    I use a steel turkey baster, coffee filter, 1" hose clamp, pyrex dish, and Colibri butane for my bho. I purge it by whipping it in hot water. Pics under my 250w harvest link in my sig.
  6. whipping causes an more impure product by leaving pockets of butane in the whipped product.
    Hexane is difficult to come by and can be dangerous. Butane is more frequently used, and one of the most popular brands is vector but and 4x or 5x refined butane should work (make sure it says 5x refined and not just 5x because some companies name the butane to make it look like a better product. The cheaper brands can contain sulfonamides and mercaptans which are poisonous and can cause brain damage. quarter is probably least amount that would be worth it. Best way to purge it after blasting is to blast into a pyrex dish and then place that in a larger dish that has boiling water in it (make sure not to get water into the BHO) and leave it until it stops bubbling then scrape it up. If you were doing a quarter it would probably take about a half a can (until the butane starts to come out clear rather then light yellow). Hope that helps!
  7. I run 4 grams of trim in my smaller tube and can get .6-.7 back. Don't have to run just a quarter. And if your lookin into long term bho making. Invest in a nice vacuum pump and chamber. Everyone has there own techniques. So fish around, find some videos, and start fuckin shit up! Only way to learn! Just don't run your shit inside please. :)
  8. yeah, if a vac is in your budget go for it because it gives a WAY better product. You can get them for like 250-300 for all of the parts you need. only really worth it if you are going to be making oil regularly
  9. Find StupidStuff's BHO thread. It is the real deal.

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