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BHO edibles make intestines hurt next da

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by elchbulle, Jul 1, 2017.

  1. Hello all,

    I have a problem with edibles that I can't find much about online. I am in Colorado and have tried edibles from dispensaries and made my own. They do a great job and I feel amazing the day I take them, then the next day I wake up and can feel sharp pains in my intestine area. The left hand side lower part of the abdomen. The first time it happened the pain was intense, could barely stand up straight and went to the emergency room. They couldn't find anything wrong and I didn't know what happened. A few months later I ate some edibles that we made ourself from BHO, some brownies. Exact same pain the next day in the same spot. I didn't eat anything else after the edibles, didn't have any spicy foods, nothing makes sense except it has to be the edibles.

    Anyone know any tricks to make it so this doesn't happen? I used to smoke more but want to give the lungs and throat a break so really wanting to do edibles but now I fear this major pain. I saw this post about taking antacid first but it sounds like that is just to make the effect more potent: Maybe that will help with the pain?

    Thanks for any and all info!
  2. If eating them give you pain the next day just don't eat them
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  3. Wow genius level advice right here.

    No the problem is I do want to eat them and have lung and throat issues that prevent smoking. So eating them is my best bet I'm just trying to figure out if anyone else experiences this and knows why or if there is a way to avoid it. Thanks for your input though.
  4. You might try an edible made NOT using butane. It's nearly impossible to remove 100% of the impurities associated with butane, so maybe a trace amount of something is bothering you. It's also possible that you're sensitive to some pesticides. A simple test would be to decarb a gram or two of regular herb (240 F for 40 min works well using an accurate thermometer), grind to powder, mix with nut butter or nutella, let stand awhile, and eat an amount containing 0.1 to 0.7 grams, depending on tolerance.
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  5. Man, I have heard of this and experienced something like it! Questions:

    Do you drink more than the norm of water when you eat edibles? Did you not drink enough water when you had the pain or were you otherwise dehydrated at the time? Many don't remember the dieuretic properties of the cannabis. Additionally there seems to be some people who claim that distillate, or even other oil that has been made with medicine that had pesticides in it, for SOME it may cause more urinary and bladder distress... All the more reason to keep drinking water when consuming any cannabis medicine.
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  6. Going to the ER is no fun no matter what the root cause, I do hope you are able to figure out a way to enjoy and also be safe!
  7. Wow ok now these are some awesome replies, thanks to you both!

    Definitely good advice on the trying some not made with butane. I have a whole bunch of BTO that I got from dispensaries. Dabbing too much has given me some kind of throat irritation though so I am using the products now to make edibles and damn they are POTENT. But if I keep getting the pain I'm going to try what bkarnaze mentions with using just the plant, definitely a good idea!

    I think mook2420 may have the real solution here though that I will try. I am notorious for not drinking enough water in general so I am sure I didn't drink enough with the edibles. Heck I may have even had a drink of rum that night which probably exacerbated the issue.

    So this time I am going to try and drink water, more than I ever have before just to see if it helps.

    Thanks for all the advice and info guys, anything else people can think of is definitely welcome still too.

    God bless!
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  8. Are you in a legal.state? Use tinchers
  9. The amount left over in any store bought edibles that go through testing has to be low enough to not cause this kind of problem. BHO gets a bad rap because it's the easiest/one of the original methods of extraction, and stupid people blow themselves up and create a product that may well be improperly purged. Pro extraction labs can afford to have techs that know what they're doing(many even have college degrees *gasp.*) I'm sorry if I come of harshly, but it angers me deeply when people talk poorly about tested, professionally made BHO. It's no less healthy than oil produced via CO2, ethanol, propane, rosin or any of the myriad options available now when done correctly, and CO2 companies use this myth as a marketing tactic to sell an inferior product for a higher price because they cater to the fear created by the myth. BHO preserves the original terpene profile in a better way than any method other than maybe rosin, and rosin is definitely not the most cost effective. BHO creates good medicine at a decent price point. CO2 companies often have to use reconstituted terpenes to fake their product into tasting anywhere near as good as BHO does.

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  10. Everything you say is correct ... assuming all humans involved do everything correctly at every stage. But even levels of toxic chemicals below acceptable, or even measurable, can hurt some people.
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  11. There are a lot of things that could be entirely unrelated. HARDCORE abdominal pain could be kidney stones for instance, if it's just on one side I would DEFINITELY get scheduled for an Xray (Which only finds 85%) or an Ultrasound which is a better method and has found ALL of the ones that I had that xrays didn't.

    Or you could be extremely dehyrdated/constipated. Both can cause severe pain.

    If homemade flower edibles do the same thing, I would consider that it is something else.
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  12. Thanks for all the additional replies.

    Turns out that the water is really making a difference. I have tried a couple days in a row now and took a large amount of the edibles just to see, along with a ton of water, at least a gallon a day. No pain at all, I think this was the problem, thank you all!
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  13. Awesome man, spread the word! Hydrate mo'fawkers!!!
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