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BHO - Collect in Teflon© Bags - No scraping anymore

Discussion in 'Harvesting and Processing Marijuana' started by foaf, Jun 14, 2010.

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    So whatever technique you use to make your BHO, or hexane extraction, or QWISO, you end with your hashoil/solvent mix in this 5 mil teflon specimen bag. You can blow the butane through the tube directly into the bag for evaporating and purging or for QWISO you just dump the filtered iso/oil mix in.

    Pic 2) This is BHO from manicured cured bud. It looks like this after it has vacuum purged for a day in the bag. You do have to purge it to get it to eventually be hard, you can also put the bag and oil in a warm water bath or on a heating pad. QWISO takes a lot longer to purge for me.

    Pic 3) Then you put the Teflon© bag into a regular ziploc, then put them in the freezer. Once cold, just a little crushing with your fingers through the bag, and its like peanut brittle and doesnt stick to the bag.

    Pic 4) But I used this opener to roll over it and it turned to powder, and poured freely into my container that was also cold.

    Pic 1) And after it warms back up. 9.5 grams here.

    Pic 5) I also like to use the small bags to store and share with. For day to day dispensing, I keep it in a ROOR vial in a warmish place and scoop out tidbits with a little metal thing, and smudge it on my vaporizer.

    The best sources for teflon bags seem to be this one, but you can find small ones on ebay, they use them for cooking.Teflon® Bags

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  2. I dont really understand how you purge the bho with the bags?
  3. you leave it open at the top, and seperate the sides so that the oil is exposed with as much surface area as you can. it can take a bit longer to purge because the oil isn't as thinly spread out as it would be in a casserole dish.
  4. to help with the surface to air for purging could you turn the bag inside out and put a casserole dish inside:confused:

    scraping inst that tough but it can be a pain sometimes when my hands hurt(happens to us old people)
  5. i'm curious... do you see any condensation accumulating in the oil as it warms up from trips into the freezer? especially with the increase in surface area as you crush it up, i would be concerned about the oil picking up h2o.

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