BHO always crumbles in vac!?

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  1. I cannot for the life of me figure out what im doing wrong... Heres a breakdown of what I do and my setup blah blah;
    I use a 45g Closed column pressurized blaster, and Capital brand N-Butane first off. And I run nothing but super dank 100% nug runs, no trim, no leaf, no stem, just nugs.
    - First I dehydrate my nugs for ~2hours or whenever they are done.
    - Grind nugs, but not into a powder
    - Pack blaster
    - Pull vac on blaster and allow as much butane to be vacced in from one can as it can take
    - I then let my column sit in a dry ice bath for ~30 mins.
    - Release pressure valve and blast into pyrex
    - Allow evaporation to take place right around 78-80F
    - When evaporation is nearly complete but not yet completely solidified I pour the wax onto clean unbleach parchment.
    - At this time my vac has already been sitting on the digital heatpad set to 100F (Oil surface temp reaches 95F maximum) and I put the wax on the parchment, into the vac chamber and allow the evaporation to fully complete before pulling first vac.
    - First vac is pulled as soon as evap is complete, and oil is spread thin. right around -28.7 and muffin is always nice and beautiful.
    - Within ~2hours the muffin has settled and wax is somewhat flatter, I then burp the vac and do a first flip, and repull vac.
    - Now normally somewhere in the next 2-3 hours after burping every 45mins or so and maybe doing one more flip in that 3 hour time span my oil is in a beautiful shatter state but still has many small bubbles.
    I have always been told by everyone that typically they vacuum for a few days... and this is where I fuck up everytime somehow..

    My oil always changes from a beautiful perfect shatter consistency with a lot of bubbles into crumble overnight... I can NEVER get my shatter perfectly glass clear like I get when I buy off a dealer lol.. and I dont know what im doing wrong. The temperature does not change overnight... I feel almost as tho once I reach the stage of having a shatter with a lot of bubbles I should be cutting the heat and just vaccing, but that is contrary to everything ive been taught.


    Thanks a Bunch,

    Oh, P.S - I used to have an account here years ago, the name was enorty, probably registered around 2005 or something but I cant retrieve my password ;/
  2. the only time i have stuff wax up is when temps climb up to and over 100 in the chamber, i cool it off a few degrees and it may take longer for the last few little bubbles to be pulled but I end up with shatter or clear sap even when running trim. My guess drop ur temp another 5-10 degrees...
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  3. Yea I get shatter with colder temps. Usually the bath method. Then I get wax using a coffee mug heater. Lol works amazingly though. I want a chamber so bad. I am no expert either on bho.

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