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Bhang bars

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by nb790, Aug 11, 2011.

  1. anyone try em? ive watched my friend become obsessed with them, says theyre a real upper unlike most edibles, he eats the whole thing too, eats half of it 30 minutes apart.. just thought id ask the blades :D

  2. Bhang bars are okay in my opinion. Not too strong that its uncomfortable but obviously not weak. They work great but if you need something like painkilling or help keep anxiety at bay so you can sleep, I'd go with something more like Hubby Bars...its a bar with 6 pieces and one piece seriously puts me to sleep.

  3. aye ive had hubby's before... not too big of a fan since they just knock me out, i like to feel the body tingle and some giggles :p
    although for the back pain i'd probably go with a hubby..
  4. Yeah, I get you. Go ahead and buy one to try it out...some people need the powerful knockout Hubby bars give them but maybe others need the body effect but not too much...whatever is best to treat the condition ;)
  5. What kind of Bhang Bars does he get? I know some are more indica or sativa. I think Bhang bars are pretty potent though.

  6. he's gotten the peppermint one each time... i forget what its called.. ice or something... just mint chocolate flavor.. he gets a pretty gnarly high off it too ha... pretty funny to watch him.
  7. Yeah I know what you mean. I have a patient who's currently battling cancer and when he comes over to visit he always seems a little woozy from the Bhang/Hubby.
  8. And if your friend is eating them on an empty stomach, he is missing out on some of his potential high!

    Science: Oral intake of a cannabinoid together with a meal improved bioavailability by avoiding first-pass metabolism (abst. - 2009)
    International Association for Cannabis as Medicine

    Intestinal lymphatic transport enhances the post-prandial oral bioavailability of a novel cannabinoid receptor agonist via avoidance of first-pass metabolism.
    (abst - 2009)
    Intestinal lymphatic transport enhances the post-p... [Pharm Res. 2009] - PubMed result

    Granny's translation of the studies- When you eat, your stomach goes on a feeding frenzy and grabs stuff from your stomach and passes it on to the liver, where it is broken down quickly. It breaks down the THC, too! :(

    If you eat regular food, wait 45 minutes to an hour, then eat your edible, your stomach is "tired out" and lets the edible slip past the stomach and make it down to the intestines. In the intestines, the THC is grabbed and dumped into your blood. Takes a little longer to come on this way, but the high is more intense! :D

    Your friend's pattern of eating (provided he eats on an empty stomach) is getting some of the THC into his liver and some in his intestines. He would get even higher if he ate some regular food first!

    And I am going to have to see if my dispensary carries those high powered "Hubby Bars"!

    Granny :wave:
  9. He eats a whole one????? WOW!! That's pretty hard core!

    A friend and I split a dark choc bhang bar once and we were both passed out for hours. He's got quite the tolerance and has been smoking for 25-30 years. I think we were out for 3-4 hours... Haha.

    One of my favorite dispensaries carries them. I have a hybrid dark chocolate one right now actually... hmmm.

    My city is trying to close all the dispensaries... Probably doesn't help that there are 10 of them in the same building though...SUCKS!!

  10. haha yeah he eats half at first, then waits 30 minutes and eats the other half.. keeps telling me i need to try it and eat the whole thing also! :eek:
    hahaha, i'll probably end up trying like 3/4 of it since i weigh like 60 pounds less than him.. but i wana try one soon! im going to six flags on friday and i think im going to plan on bringing one.... mmm tatsu is going to be something else on that :smoking:
  11. I wouldn't eat more than 1.5-2 pieces of it at a time (meaning within a period of a few hours). That's just me though. Then smoke a bit on top of that.
  12. yeah.. i tripped down to santa ana to get this tasty ounce of evil berry and grabbed one of the peppermint bhang bars while i was at it :D

    so tomorrow... i think im going to eat 2 pieces right off the bat, then let it hit me (after i eat something, thanks storm crow ;) ) haha... then ill just go from there.. gonna try to get atleast 3 pieces down though.

    heres the nug btw... already had the link copied :)

  13. omg that bud looks beautiful
  14. I would eat one piece at a time. The bar I had was a 2X bar & the peppermint is 3X. Eat one piece, wait for it to kick in then eat another half or whole one.
  15. #15 nb790, Aug 14, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 14, 2011
    haha indeed it is 3x :devious: :D

    ill report back with how i liked it.. going to go indulge myself with it in a few over at a buddys place.

    maybe ill space out the first two pieces like 20 minutes.. haha but i intended on getting an intense high from it.. usually edibles dont really get to me that much other than put me to sleep..


    here it is! been an hour since i started eating it.. had two pieces so far. and had a peanut butter sandwich about 30-40 minutes before i started.. starting to feel spacey..but nothin crazy.. might go in for a 3rd piece in 10 or 15 min..

  16. so how was it?:) i took half of one at disneyland a couple months ago..i was OUT. those things are strong as hell haha, but i went on space mountain at my peak.. thats a whole different world

  17. forgot to report back! haha!

    it was crazy.. most intense high i've had since the first few times i ever smoked. and that was from eating 3 and 1/2 pieces out of 4.

    i went to see 30 minutes or less, and i honestly.. don't remember any of the movie other than what ive seen in the commercials.

    started out when we got to the movies.. i went to the bathroom while my friends were getting popcorn n whatever.. i started doin my business standing at the urinal and i feel the sudden urge to just burst into laughter.. i did for a split second but i held it back as hard as i could to avoid looking like a crazy person hahaha.. was the funniest thing.. hurried up an got out of the bathroom...

    finally got to my seat and joined my friends.. previews are about to come on, and the laugh attack returned even more so. i was crying laughing at nothing for a few minutes (my friends were all laughing at how high i was, but i was just enjoying myself too much to give a shit what anyone else thought of me :smoke: ) throughout the movie i just got intense waves and couldnt even look at the screen because of the camera movement.. it was too intense hahaha... so for the second half of the movie it was like that...

    come the end of the movie... im thinking... "shit... time to stand up... i hope i can walk!" as i stand myself up with some wobbly legs.. i realize how baked i really am haha.. my high has been climbing through the whole movie .. and i was probably at the plateau right then. i then go for the railing first thing as i walk down the steps.. very slowly and awkwardly, it was like learning to walk again for a few seconds :p when the railing ended.. i couldnt even keep a straight path haha.. had the worst cotton mouth, had a friend run in a gas station for me since i was too high to walk or see straight and grab me a gatorade.. got back to my friends house, had some food for the munchies.. chilled a bit more and enjoyed the high, then passed out for about 4 hours til like midnite.. woke up still a little high n headed home haha

    quite the edible.. the only one thats ever worked for me. definitely worth the 15 dollars when you want that intense high.
  18. HAHA sounds exactly like my experience with a bhang bar. I wasnt very experienced with edibles at all but me and a friend decided to each take half of one when we go to disneyland. that thing hit me fast haha i started to get super tired and sluggish, almost felt like i was a cartoon character. A couple times i would literaly like fall asleep while i was walking, i would wake up like 50 feet from where i last remember being when i was actually walking the whole time.
    It kinda sucked because that day it was really crowded and the lines were long, when all i wanted to do was sit and lay down. But atleast i got to go on space mountain and the haunted mansion at my peak :D

  19. haha thats pretty great, i bet space mountain was epic...
    i went to disneyland high about a year ago, had a darvocet and some fat bongloads in the parking lot (we parked in the staff parking lot since my buddy was a lifeguard at their hotels at the time :D ). the high didnt last too long with all the walking.. but i got to go on pirates of the caribbean and indiana jones while i was still pretty good! i kinda wana take a half of a triple strength again and go to six flags soon haha..
  20. haha that reminds me i almost forgot! I was on pirates of the carribbean && i remember thinking when they were shooting it was like a real war going on over my head. and that all the fire was real and people were trapped in there for hundreds of years just going crazy..hah damn i might just be blabbing on right now because im high right now, but it was sooooo trippy haha

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