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bhang bar

Discussion in 'Incredible, Edible Herb' started by pheelgood, Jul 31, 2011.

  1. has anyone ever had a bhang bar? my friend got one for a dispensary and we both of us had half of one at disneyland..i was so insanly gone. by far the strongest edible ive ever had..if you havent tried one i highly suggest getting one if you want a complete body high for about 8 hours haha:eek:
  2. Love um. Extremely strong. Dark chocolate ones are usually cheaper so I melt um and make some hot canna coco.
  3. You guys are some lucky fucks. :mad:

  4. what he said.

    i wish i could walk into a dispensary and buy a bhang bar but noo i have to go to the dining hall, grab some fucking peanut butter and bread, come back my dorm and bake that shit for like half hour and hope it works.

    lucky fucks :mad:
  5. Hahha fuck man, 1 day.....
  6. u guys with mmj are lucky i live in wisconsin so no mmj for me if only wisconsin had mmj id be baked right now
  7. Bhang bars are like the hersheys of hash chocolate.
  8. Bhang bars are mainly in nor cal

  9. That's not true, a lot of clinics in Southern California sell them as well. I just had one of the double strength ones this weekend. It was absolutely delicious, can't wait to try the fire!

  10. i hate you all.
  11. Does anyone have a recipe for how to make one??
  12. Bhang bars are the shit!! they use real cocoa so they taste so much better than any other chocolate bars ive had. i think the triple strength dark chocolate that i always get is 73.5% cocoa. And total strength of the bar is 180mg of THC. That is strong as fuck. i only eat half a square or one square. half a bar is always way too much.
  13. I just got one thats 60mg thc and 60mg cbd...anyone know how much should I eat?
  14. inject the whole thing into your vein like a real man! youre a real man arent you?
  15. I wanna try these. Heard about them and seen them but for awhile I was only gettin hubby bars because they were cheaper and still strong. Bhang bars are supposedly stronger though so I wanna test it
  16. I just finished off my last one. I had:

    Dark chocolate 3x (180mg)
    Cookies and cream 3x (180mg)
    Chocolate pretzel 2x (120mg)

    They're awesome, wish I could get them in sativa though like cheeba chews. I'm in a non med state but have buddies in CA and CO :)

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