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bhang bar ice chocolate triple strength

Discussion in 'Incredible, Edible Herb' started by SkysDaLimit420, Apr 22, 2012.

  1. hey, i just bought one of these.. what can i expect?

  2. I wish I had access to professionally made edibles :( looks fucking delicious
  3. i cannot wait to devour this thing.. im thinking about eating 1/2 of the bar about 1 hour after a meal to avoid the first pass effect.
  4. great choice dude I had 3 of those last night and they actually taste good (those and the fire chocolate ones) :smoke:

    if you have never had one, half should be good ..with one you should expect to want to sleep within 2 hours, when i take a break from edibles and have only 1 bar i feel it within 30 minutes and will pass out a few hours later

  5. ... 3 in one night ... :eek:
  6. As professional as it looks, it's a bit of a shame they had to misspell the main ingredient on all their printed labels... cannabinoid, not cannabanoid. :p

    Hopefully that's the only error in the product. :) Let us know how it works out, according to the 'cannabanoid' content, it should be strong! :D
  7. lol wow.. i never noticed that. either way this will be my first real edible so im excited.
  8. i like these bhang bars way more than hubbys. and bhang bars taste soooo good. the dark chocolate seriously tastes like some chocolate i would buy in a store. for the 3x box i usually eat one section, for the 2x about the same, maybe a little more, i honestly didnt notice a huge difference between 2x and 3x
  9. how high did u get off 1 section? and how high is ur tolerance?

  10. i smoke multiple times a day and one section will get you pretty high. two will get you domed and the whole thing will make you cash out pretty quick after feeling it..

    they are potent!
  11. awesome i will probably take 1 and smoke and vape.
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    i could barely move at the end of the night dude the only thing keeping me awake was smoking concentrates ( i also had 5 'space cakes' they called them and a bunch of other little edibles as well, i just devoured those fuckers lol, most of them tasted like crap) i just bought another one at the dispensary and ate it 5min ago :smoke:
    OP did you enjoy it? i love these things
  13. i didnt eat it yet!! im getting it tomorrow.
  14. nice man, i'll toast with you when i have another one tomorrow :smoke: you should try the fire chocolate if you like the mint ice, it has more CBD and CBN
  15. im not getting it till tomorrow :(
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    its all good man i'll dedicate the one i just ate to you haha, just wait you might start having them all the time i love these things
    i'll get another one tomorrow too of course :smoke: just ate a fire chocolate bar, i cant decide if fire or ice tastes better, theyre definitely the best 2 i've had, the 'x3 cookies and cream' tasted like shit
  17. hahha damn man leave one for everyone else! :D

    do u go to a dispensary?
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    yea i go to several for different things and new ones all the time for first-time patient deals (or free weed/gifts) i don't really have a "one stop shop" i enjoy visiting different ones but i do have a few favorites out here
  19. DAMN! lucky
  20. i still didnt get it. Tomorrow or saturday for sure!

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