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    So I should probably start off by saying this is my first grow ever and as many of you have probably seen in the beginners section, I ask a lot of questions. Hope you guys can bare with me as I do my best to perfect my grow!

    Equipment used:

    Grow light
    : Apollo Horticulture 400w mh and hps with dimable ballast. (I will mostly be running on 100%)

    Grow Tent:
    Apollo 4 x 2 x 5 grow tent

    Fan: 6 in. CanFan mixed flow inline fan

    Carbon Filter: 6 in iPower carbon filter

    Soil Used: Fox Farms ocean Forrest with about 1/3 organic perlite.

    Nutrients: Root Organics Buddha Grow( for the earlier stages) and then Big Bloom for the flowering stages.

    Seeds: (1)Fast Buds: Auto Girl Scout Cookies
    (1) Auto Grand Daddy Purp from

    below is day 7 of being planted in 5 gallon plastic pots. I will do my best to update the journal with a daily pic. I am ashamed to say that I can't remember which plant is which from when I had germinated the seeds so we will have to find out as we go along. For now I will call them plant 1 and plant 2.

    Just a quick pic of my set up

    Plant 1 after 7 days

    Plant 2 after 7 days(growing a bit more slowly. Also does anyone know what that discoloring on the top leaf is?)

    That's basically all I've got for now guys. Hope you enjoy my journal!
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  2. Subbed aswell
  3. Thanks guys! I want to make a time lapse of the whole grow with my go pro but I'm afraid it will get messed up if I leave it in the grow tent uncovered.
  4. I am almost positive that I have overwatered my plants as I am not seeing much progress since last night. I have not watered the plants twice in 7+ days but I realize that they are too small to handle too much water. I have perlite mixed in for drainage so hopefully that works.
  5. Hey there my setup is quite similar to yours i started off in the final pot as well, the growth is slow in the first two weeks but it will pick up quick! I didnt have any runoff until day 30 or so with my first one, as i water whenever they look like they need it but not too much. Anywayd it's looking good so far, check out my journal it might give you a general idea
  6. Thanks man I'm goin to check yours out right after this post. I'm hoping I didn't mess them up too much and that they will pick up soon. But what was your light cycle like. I have been running mine 24 hrs a day for the past week.
  7. Honestly its been 18/6 most of the time but ive had a bunch of 24/0 days as well, as i didnt start all my plants at the same time and wanted to maximize seedling exposure to light.. its been a little freestyle with the light schedule but responding well
  8. Sounds good man hope your grow does well. I hope I didn't rot my roots with overwatering. I guess we will have to wait and see
  9. Yeah just make sure youve got adequate drainage holes and let it chill, dont expect to see much growth the first 2 weeks as its looking to make its roots and pot is huge.. youve got perlite in there so youre good just let her drink up
  10. I'm subscribing I definitely just popped a few seeds around 4:20 that just brought it and I will be doing an all purple group so feel free to follow along I will definitely pop in here and there just to see how you're doing

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  11. For sure man I'm gonna sub now. I just realized that my seeds were popped on 420 lol. Just a coincidence didn't even plan it out really :smoke:
  12. Hey guys just a quick update

    Plant 1: Actually looking noticeably bigger today even though I had most definitely over watered yesterday.
    Plant 2: looking a bit bigger I guess but being that the other plant is getting more light and germinated sooner it's still marginally behind plant 1.

    Just a pic of my set up again. Does anyone think that the plant on the right (plant 2) isn't getting enough light in its current position? I'm afraid to run my electric bill up anymore with anymore lights.

    That's all I've got for now but I'll be checking in tomorrow if I see any noticeable changes!
  13. Wanted to make a quick update:

    Think I may be having some issues. My leaves are super green which may be a result of overwatering. I haven't watered since Sunday night and the top two inches of my soul are pretty damn dry. My newest concern is the temps in the tent. I've been between 68 and 73 as the temps have cooled outside. I'll post the pics below I would really appreciate some feedback.

    Plant 1:

    Plant 1 closeup(if you see any issues please let me know):

    Plant 2(not seeing much growth out of this one):

    Plant 2 close up:

    And one of my setup currently:

    It's about day 8 and with this being my first grow I'm not exactly sure if I'm doing well or not so like I said any feedback is greatly appreciated.

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  14. I read the intro,and skipped the rest lol.

    Question.... It looks as if your bringing in air from the outside sucking it thru your light and then exhausting it. If I'm right may I ask why? You're basically circulating the outside air and not drawing hardly any air out. Is that a passive intake? If the answers are yes you may wanna consider leaving the intake side off the hood to circulate the air inside the box

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  15. It's a passive intake I have both flaps open on the sides is that not good?
  16. Your grow is going fine. Never worry about do they look like they are on track, all grow at their own speeds.

    That discolor you saw is new growth, you'll be seeing a lot soon enough. What is your game plan and why did you pick auto flower? And do you have an hps bulb ready to go?

    Next time I wouldn't bother with them meters, think they are just soil wetness. They are fine long as you leave and never touch other wise you hurt the roots ect. Good way to test is every day pick the bucket up you'll get used to heavy and light. Soil you want to dry out before you water again ( over watering is fine long as you don't do it all the time.)

    With that remember you are on a time clock with autos. You seem to have a good grip on what you are doing. What's the temps and rh like? And are you ph'ing the water?
  17. The open flaps is great for fresh air. The problem is the exhaust isnt doing its job sucking the air out of the room. From the looks you bring in air from the outside with the duct, run it thru the hood and suck it straight out. It doesnt have a chance to circulate the air in the tent. Its only chance to get the air is thru the cracks in the hood and where the ducting my not be 100% sealed. I suggested removing the duct from the hood to allow more air to be sucked out.

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  18. Ignore the cluter. In the process of building an addition on the house and using it for storage. But this is how my light is....


    Ignore the flaps on the side of the hood as well. They're there to direct light where I want it

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