BFBC2 Grasscity Players

Discussion in 'Gamer's Heartbeat' started by apathy951, May 18, 2010.

  1. Drop your gamer tag in here and I'll add you.

    mine is GDPkushKILLer

    I like using tactics which is why i think BF> COD

    for instance, get six sticks of c4 plant base charges around crate building, by by crate building

    or Jihad tactics lol putting c4 on the front end of cars

    Hit me up and we'll play.

    I hate playing the game with no squad its not really made for that.
  2. Hey bud, I agree this game could trump MW2 if there was teamwork. It really sucks playing when everyone is out doing shit on there own. Add my GT HaNkHeNry, I'll add you if I get on
  3. Yo, what's up? My PSN ID is Dr.Smalls420.
    Hit me up gonna play in a few. I'll add ya
  4. I only have an Xbox =/ damn
  5. MelloWatusi

    i play everything
    but i love love love the M82 with a red dot so i can use that shit up close

  6. Xbox or PSN Phil?
  7. The3amJunkie

    I play if i'm going to play a shooter otherwise on FFXIII right now.
  8. i have bf bc2 for pc hit me up on xfire if u wanna get down on that shit im hella good my kd is over 1 my xfire is vicarious420 and my steam is sostoned420. i have a 360 i play cod on it every now and then but i fucking suck with the controller my live id- Bkdubz420
  9. My PSN is Warheart420, add me if you want to merk some noobs up.

    I got a mic too... Prefer to play Assault or Sniper. Hate Medic.
  10. whats up yea deff have to use tacs but my game tag for PS3 is imortalinc I'll add you I play MW2 and MAG!!
  11. my tag for PS3 is imortalinc and I play so add me

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